How To Build Your Dream Kitchen For Less

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Such is life that having big dreams usually requires a big dream budget, especially whenever you’re looking to build your perfect celebrity chef inspired kitchen. Big ticket items like Bertazzoni Ranges and Miele ovens are worth every penny when it comes to high quality performance; however, there are some industry tips, tricks, and secrets that could help you along the way to building your dream kitchen at a fraction of the price.Dream-Kitchen-Viking-Range

Tips For Purchasing Luxury Appliances For Less

  1. Shop Scratch and Dent

Nobody’s perfect and occasionally, scratches, scuffs, dings, and dents do happen. You can capitalize on these inescapable occurrences by shopping for scratched and dented models that equals automatic savings.

A small scuff on a back panel that wouldn’t even be visible to you or your guests could provide you with a discount, and the bigger the imperfection, the bigger the savings. Not to worry though, the imperfections are purely cosmetic and in no shape or form affect the quality of the appliance. Designer Home Surplus thoroughly inspects and tests every appliance to ensure performance and function has not been compromised.

Still not convinced to shop for appliances with a blemish here and there? Check out this Liebherr Built-In Series Refrigerator RB1410 with patented BioFresh technology that preserves your food for up to three times longer than normal at a $3,489 savings. If you could put a price on satisfaction, this number comes pretty close.

  1. Shop Open Box

Let someone else’s buyer’s remorse be your buyers rejoice! When shoppers return appliances for whatever reason, they are no longer considered brand new even if they have never been turned on. This is a chance to open up your budget by shopping open box appliances.


Discounts from open box appliances are advantageous for several reasons. Some may be returns from shoppers who have had circumstances change, or in many cases, they are only considered open because the packaging was mistakenly opened. Sometimes this occurs with the manufacturer, and other times, customers may receive the wrong models and discover this immediately after removing the tape and staples. Many times, factory warranties are still valid for these types of appliances.

  1. Shop Discontinued Models

Similar to vehicles and electronics, new versions of appliances are introduced every year, offering new features, new appearances, and new deals for last year’s models which have suddenly become old news. Except, these appliances will be conveniently new to you.

Not only are discontinued models subject to price cuts because they’re no longer top of the line in terms of release date, but they are no longer subjected to manufacturer pricing rules. This is especially good news for shoppers out there who have fallen in love with a specific model, only to find it is discontinued. While finding that model may take some work, the deals and savings will make it well worth it.

Perhaps you’re an adventurous soul looking for appliances with fun pops of color instead of the highly popular neutral colors? Since most shoppers are more likely to take home neutral tone appliances, there is usually a large surplus of colored appliances.

  1. Shop Showroom Models

Some shoppers find it best to search for and purchase their dream appliances online, but a vast majority need to physically touch and see an appliance in action to commit. These showroom models gain little to no damage. Some may not even be used for demos and simply sit on the sales floor to give shoppers a chance to see what all the specs and features amount up to.


The great advantage to buying showroom models, aside from the incredible discounts, is that you already know exactly what the appliance looks like and how it functions, without having to wait until the box arrives to check. For those wary that perhaps demo use puts too much wear and tear on the appliance’s functionality, fret not. At Designer Home Surplus, you have a chance to speak with a salesperson about an appliance’s history and condition to gage whether it’s the right fit for you.

Tips for Non-Appliance Deals

Appliances are our bread and butter, but we know that building your dream kitchen sometimes means a completely new look for the cabinetry, tabletops, flooring, and décor.

  1. Never Be Afraid To Haggle

Some design outlets may have the wiggle room to offer you more discounts, but you’ll never know unless you ask. At Designer Home Surplus, reps are always willing to consider competitor quotes to determine whether discount prices can be matched or even extended for additional savings.

  1. Shop Unfinished Products

Though you may be wary of finishing the product yourself, the advantages go farther than just savings. Cabinetry can completely change the way your kitchen looks, and with unfinished cabinets, you can control the type of stain you would like to use and the amount of shading applied. Customizable DIYs allow you more control over building your dream kitchen.


  1. From Trash to Treasure

Lastly, don’t forget about the little details. Instead of shopping at franchise décor shops, try scouring your local neighborhoods for garage and yard sales. You’re extremely likely to find expressive pieces to add just the right amount of flair and personality to your finished kitchen.

Above all else, smart shopping begins with research. Make sure to learn everything you can about models, reviews, specs, and warranties before taking the next steps. Warranties are an important part of shopping at discounted rates and they keep you covered in unfortunate events.

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