American Range AROFSHGE230N Review: 30” Legacy Hybrid French Door Oven

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american-range-AROFSE230Since World War II, the founders of American Range have been using outside-of-the-box thinking and whatever scarce materials were available to fulfill basic needs. It’s because of that innovative process that they were able to develop a highly demanded fuel-efficient space heater. American Range still employs that same innovation today to produce ingenious commercial-grade residential cooking appliances. One such quality appliances is the cutting-edge 30” Legacy Hybrid French Door Oven.

Made from sleek stainless steel, the Legacy Hybrid Oven combines several contradicting features to create one fully functional and highly versatile wall oven. The top oven consists of a French door gas oven with a chef’s door electric oven on the bottom. With a total capacity of 4.7 cubic feet, this oven has all the power and versatility it needs to deliver precise cooking and baking results for a wide variety of foods.

The Innovection Convection technology uses a dual convection system to enhance the heat distribution throughout the oven cavity to ensure consistent heat distribution, even when cooking large food items like turkeys or hams. Not only is the technology promising for chefs but for the environment as well since the system uses 19% less gas than a standard convection oven.

Both ovens offer standard bake, Innovection convection bake, infrared broil, and fan mode. The upper oven offers the Inconel Banquet Broiler which provides rapid searing at 1,600F. For quick searing in the electric oven you can use the Instagrill Broiler which reaches searing temperature in 3 seconds. The lower oven also features proofing and low temperature dehydrating elements on top of the standard baking elements. Two heavy duty racks on heavy chrome american-range-hybrid-french-door-ovenside supports accommodate full size commercial sheet pans, and a porcelainized interior makes for simple cleaning.

The easy to use analog die-cast metal knobs with chrome bezels provide a professional touch when adjusting your oven settings, and blue LED lights indicate when the oven is on. All these features hide behind the beauty of the ovens French and chef’s doors. The French doors allow you to open the oven cavity with one pull of the handle without having to worry about a hot door in front of you while balancing delicate, and sometimes heavy, food items. The classic chef’s door is easy to use and integrates seamlessly into the stainless-steel design.

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