An Overall Review of Verona Ranges

Verona-Single-Oven-RangeWhen on the hunt for the perfect range for your kitchen, there’s a great deal of variables to consider in order to find the right fit. Verona offers a collection of ranges with a multitude of different sizes, fuel types, configurations, and colors that make it simple find the right kitchen range for you. Verona Appliances bring a little bit of Italy into your home with an authentic European design and Italian-luxury craftsmanship that delivers the ultimate in professional quality performance.

Held as an industry standard for durability and traditional Italian artistry, Verona’s professional-style ranges are engineered with a variety of revolutionary cooking technology features as well as a diversity of design elements for a truly unique cooking experience.

What Makes Verona Ranges Unique?

Electronic ignition makes lighting gas cooktop configurations a breeze, and the high-powered sealed burners feature double and triple ring flames that deliver a constant heat across the bottom of cooking vessels. The burner heads are mounted close to the cooking surface, aiding in even heat distribution, so food cooks quickly and evenly with Verona-double-oven-rangeless fuel exhaustion. In case of an accidental flame extinguish, the Verona standard flame failure safety device shuts off the gas flow to ensure your safety as well as energy efficiency. The gas-top configurations come with cast iron burner grates and caps, while the electric-top configurations come with a black ceramic glass cooktop.

With a size range of 24”, 30”, and 36” to choose from, Verona specializes in finding unique oven solutions no matter the size. Large capacity European convection ovens feature easy to clean porcelain cavities, while some models offer pyrolytic self-cleaning modes. Convection ovens come with a third fan element that pre-heats and circulates the air inside the cavity to achieve pin-point temperature accuracy with no flavor transfer.

Verona is the only brand to offer side-by-side ovens in a 36” range. These dual ovens feature one convection oven as well as a multifunction electronic programmable oven with the same heavy duty racks and broiler functions as the single oven models.

Verona ranges come with chrome knobs and handles, with optional tubular handle styles. Select models feature touch control digital clocks and timers, while others include a 60-minute bell timer. Some models may have a full width storage compartment for additional and more convenient storage, while others include a thermostatically controlled warming drawer.

Verona-Electric-RangeWhether you’re looking for a range upgrade, or the perfect centerpiece for your dream kitchen, Verona ranges offer a beautiful and powerful design that is sure to find an ideal home in your kitchen.

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