An Overview of Bertazzoni Steam Ovens

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Whether you’re looking for an alternative cooking method to support healthy habits or wish to complete your Bertazzoni kitchen suite with every chef’s dream appliance, a convection steam oven is the perfect solution.

What is a Steam Oven?

Bertazzoni-Steam-OvensIf you find yourself asking what the purpose and benefits of a steam oven are compared to a traditional oven, a steam oven combines the consistent results achieved in convection cooking with the moisture and nutrient-rich results achieved in steaming. Using an internal water reservoir, steam is produced within the oven cavity which then conducts heat to the food while retaining moisture and nutrients. Ideal for seafood, vegetables, and bread, food is cooked with optimum moisture retention and flavorful results.

Bertazzoni Steam Oven Features

The Bertazzoni steam oven features a 1.34 cu. ft. capacity with a sleek stainless steel cavity and interior lighting. Multiple functions allow for a wide variety of foods to be cooked through various methods including Steam, Steam Convection, Convection, Broiler, Convection Broiler, and Warming. The control panel utilizes a display screen and two selector knobs that adjusts settings for function, temperature, duration, water hardness, and a child safety lock.

Bertazzoni’s steam oven is available in both Professional and Master series design featuring stainless steel knobs and rectangular handle for Professional series and black soft-touch knobs and rounded handles for Master series. Both complement the rest of the suite set perfectly and with the flush installation, a Bertazzoni steam oven integrates seamlessly within surrounding cabinetry.

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