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Take it from our appliance expertise: shopping for appliances isn’t always an easy experience. Technology and design has evolved so much over just the last few years, contributing to an infinite number of brands, models, and features. How do you narrow down what appliance features are worth splurging on and which are just a neat extra you might never even use?

You’re already instantly saving when you shop for discount luxury appliances at Designer Home Surplus, but we’re here to help you save even more by letting you in on the secret: which appliance features are genuinely worth paying for.

Ranges, Cooktops, and Range Tops

As the main kitchen appliance, choosing cooktop features that simplify difficult cooking tasks are a must-have. Something as simple as continuous grates makes it easy to slide pots and pans across your cooktop surface. The next time you need to quickly take a pot of boiling liquid off heat, just slide the pot from one burner to the next fluidly. For those who love cooking with a wok, several brands include reversible burner grates or come with complimentary wok rings which fit seamlessly Reversible-Burner-Grates-Wokonto the cooktop, making this feature a long-term investment.

Power, of course, is something worth paying for, but sophisticated cooking doesn’t always require the highest heat possible, which is why features like Viking’s VariSimmer burners, which provides low simmer heat, and Viking’s TruPower Plus burner, which delivers a powerful 18,500 BTU, are examples of cooktop features that are worth splurging on.

One should never overlook safety, which is why safety features for everything from gas, electric, and induction ranges should always be more than just a perk. Look into attributes like light indicators, child-locks, and gas shut-off valves like Verona’s flame failure safety device.

Wall Ovens and Microwaves

Wall ovens have become more and more stylish, but no other design has served more as equal parts trendy and practical as French door ovens. This type of access allows you to open the oven cavity fully by pulling on just one door, which simultaneously opens the other. Instead of holding a heavy pan while bending over a hot door surface, you can simply pop in your food and continue with the rest of your tasks.

While features like heavy-duty full extension racks and rapid pre-heating have become more common in wall ovens, they still serve a great purpose in functionality. However, aspects that are worth splurging on are self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens and Wi-fi smartphone connectivity. Deep cleaning your oven becomes drastically easier with pyrolytic ovens, which uses a cycle of intense heat to get rid of baked-on messes by burning them into ash. Smart phone connectivity like GE’s Café series, allows you to connect your oven to your smartphone like a remote control. Manage temperature, modes, and timers all in one place so you don’t have to babysit your food while you take care of other business.


In the case of luxury microwaves, there is one main feature that will revolutionize the way you utilize your microwave, and that is Sensor Cooking. A feature that senses the moisture released by your food as it cooks and adjusts temperature and time accordingly, this feature delivers pinpoint accuracy on everything from popcorn to your defrosting dinner.

Samsung-Bluetooth-ConnectivityVentilation Hoods

Ventilation hoods are automatically paired with our cooking appliances and yet for so long, they haven’t actually been “paired.” Now, with Bluetooth connectivity introduced by Samsung, you can connect your ventilation hood and cooktop so your blower and lighting automatically turn on whenever your cooktop does. While this feature isn’t widely available yet, Samsung’s appliances are revolutionizing the cooking experience with this valuable feature.

Connectivity is indeed the way of the future, especially with another ventilation feature – the remote control. For those who have a hard timer reaching the hood controls, or don’t feel entirely safe leaning too close to a burning hot stove to turn them on, a ventilation hood remote, like the one Zephyr offers, is a huge asset for the kitchen.


Various number of brands have completely optimized their refrigeration appliances with features like spill proof shelves, quiet compressors, theater lighting, activity alarms, and digital humidity and temperature controls. Each individual brand’s cooling system is different, so choosing one is process all on its own. Refrigerator features that are worth paying for contribute to energy efficiency, customizability, and appearance.

refrigeration-and-dishwasherFor example, Liebherr refrigerators produce less energy waste and feature fingerprint and scratch resistant stainless steel, so both function and appearance are highly impacted by these features. Customize your refrigerator or specialty refrigerator to your preferences with features like adjustable shelves, so you can configure and control everything. U-Line under counter refrigerators does a good job at this by letting you arrange shelving so you can properly accommodate wine, cans, or bottles.


There is a plethora of extra dishwashing features that have become available, and while all contribute to clean dishes, the features that are most worth paying for are the ones that most allow you to do what you usually do anyway: push start then forget about them. Quieter dishwashers are more expensive but it’s undeniably worth it if you’re current dishwasher is so loud you can’t hear yourself think.  Lower decibel ratings and better insulation paired with energy star ratings, such as Miele dishwashers, allows you to quietly continue with your normal routine while having peace of mind with your energy footprint.

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