Are High-End Luxury Microwaves Worth It?

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As with every other product and service, lower price means lower quality, and vice versa. There are some household items that make sense to splurge on, while others prove to be more difficult to decide on. Microwaves, for example, all seem like they do the same job, but it’s in the little details – everything from control interface, materials, and technology – that makes purchasing a luxury microwave well worth it.

Well-known luxury appliance brands that manufacture high-end microwaves include Viking, Bertazzoni, Sharp, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Jenn-Air, and many others. While luxury microwaves are on the pricier side compared to their traditional counterparts, these companies continue to include higher-end microwaves in their product lines because they know how to engineer better, faster, and more sophisticated machines to help you cook more efficiently.

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What Makes Luxury Microwaves Better?

The first thing you notice about anything is looks, and immediately, you can tell when you’re looking at a higher end microwave. Materials like fingerprint resistant stainless steel, top-grade glass, and LED or halogen lighting accentuate a sophisticated sleek exterior, designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen. You can still find traditional countertop, built-in, and over-the-range models that are highly-efficient and advanced, but the real showstoppers are the Microwave drawer models, which can be installed in cabinets or islands and automatically slide open at the push of a button.

You’ll also find the highest capacity microwaves are manufactured by luxury brands, but while they may be bigger, they’re also more energy efficient, helping you cut down on energy bills as well as cooking time. Other advanced features that make luxury microwaves worth it are child safety locks, higher quality lighting for better visibility, comprehensive controls with various cooking programs and memory, and built-in ventilation.

One of the most advanced features that come standard issue in most luxury microwaves is sensor cooking technology. A built-in sensor detects and measures the vapor released from your food as it cooks, defrosts, and reheats. The sensor then calibrates the amount of moisture and humidity in the cavity and adjusts cooking times and power levels accordingly to provide optimum heating results.

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