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As part of their vision to become a premium appliance brand known for their innovations that bring harmony to the life at home, Blomberg appliances thoughtfully engineers every one of their appliances to conserve time and energy while effortlessly integrating into any kitchen design. Blomberg dishwashers are a perfect example of Blomberg’s execution and realization of their vision. Featuring cutting-edge technology and versatile equipment, Blomberg dishwashers are some of the industry’s most sought after appliances.

Innovative Operations

Blomberg Full Console Dishwasher

Earning the prestigious honor of being placed on the 2017 ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list, Blomberg dishwashers feature industry-leading technologies that bring harmony to both nature and your lifestyle. For example, the Mixwash+ system uses a dual water pressure program that applies gentle water pressure to the upper basket while applying 60% higher water pressure to the lower basket, effectively cleaning both delicate china and heavily soiled pots all at once.

A stainless-steel interior is resistant to water stains and corrosion, making it easy to maintain and is capable of being heated to the highest washing temperature on the market to effectively clean and sanitize your dishes. The stainless-steel tub also absorbs noise, giving Blomberg dishwashers a silent operation which is only made more quiet with the three layers of noise-suppressing insulation and Brushless DC motor technology. This technology optimizes working speed to lower wash-cycle noise, letting you completely forget that you’re even running a load of dishes so you can continue with your busy day. To aid you in recognizing that the dishwasher is running, a discreet light indicator shines onto the kitchen floor during active operation.

Removable Third Rack, FlexiRack, and Bottom Rack

Flexible Loading Equipment

Loading the dishwasher can often be a hassle due to large and irregularly shaped pots or trays and difficult-to-place delicate items such as crystal stemware. Blomberg addresses this grievance by providing a fully versatile rack system capable of accommodating all types of cutlery and dishes. A removable third rack creates extra space for cutlery and small items and slides completely out if not needed.

The upper FlexiRack is adjustable even when fully loaded, able to be raised or lowered dependent on your needs. The FlexiRack also features split flip shelves which helps secure items such as long utensils or espresso cups. The bottom rack features foldable tines to create a completely flat space for stocky pots and pans and for more versatility, the sliding cutlery basket can be placed anywhere in the front row.

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