Capital Precision Series Rangetops on Sale

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When Capital unveiled the Precision series in 2008, the industry was introduced to a new set of innovation and high quality standards the likes of which had never been seen before. Designed to ensure pinpoint accuracy and offer new unique cooking features to turn your home kitchen into a gourmet restaurant, the Capital Precision series is the perfect powerful yet flexible machine to keep up with dexterous cooking enthusiasts. While the Precision series includes a line of powerful ranges, the Precision series rangetops complement an infinite number of kitchen styles and décor and instantly modernize the room.

Capital Precision Series Rangetop with Power-Flo burners, Thermo-Griddle, and Infra-Q grill

With 30”, 36”, 48”, and even 60” models, these rangetops come in a wide variety of configurations to match your cooking habits. Achieve restaurant quality searing with Capital’s Infra-Q™ infrared BBQ grill. With 18,000 BTUs of intense heat, this grill utilizes double sided Tru-Side grates that help channel grease and reduce flareups. Prepare delicious foods on a 12” thermostatically controlled griddle plate and take advantage of 18,000 BTUs of precise power. Don’t forget about the dynamic Power-Wok burner which produces up to 30,000 BTUs and can accommodate different sized woks and stock pots.

The real star on a Capital Precision series rangetop though is Capital’s exclusive Power-Flo burners. Producing up to 19,000 BTUs, these incredibly adjustable burners can also effortlessly turn down to a 140-degree simmer. The large top-cap on the burners allow the flame to evenly spread over the bottom of the cooking vessel, eliminating cold or hotspots. These Power-Flo burners also use less gas at higher temperatures, making them more energy efficient.

Equipped with continuous cast iron grates with an easy to clean matte porcelain finish and reversible wok grate, as well as Stay-Cool chrome plated control knobs and a flush trim installation, the Capital Precision Series rangetops feature just about all the bells and whistles a home chef could ask for. Shop the Capital Precision Series rangetops at incredible discount prices as well as countless other open box, used, and scratch and dent high end appliances at Designer Home Surplus.

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