Danby’s Silhouette Series Professional Ice Maker Review

Born from the leading refrigeration and specialty appliance company in North America, Silhouette appliances combine the success of Danby appliances with an inspired luxurious design fit for the most sophisticated entertainment spaces. To fulfill their mission of creating refrigeration statement pieces, Silhouette appliances like the Mosel under counter ice maker incorporate professional technology, high quality materials, and opulent design elements to meet incredibly high performance and aesthetic standards.

The Mosel (DIM32D1BSSPR) model is a 15” under- counter ice maker with a slim built-in installation that seamlessly fits anywhere.  The door exterior is stainless steel with a professional tubular handle that easily opens to reveal the clean interior with removable ice bucket and easy to read controls and indicator lights.

Capable of producing up to 32 lbs of flavor-free pure ice daily, and storing up to 25 lbs, the Mosel makes for the perfect entertainment appliance to consistently fill your ice needs. To provide even more flexibility that indulges every taste and occasion, the Mosel also utilizes 3 different cube settings. While all three cube types are the same size, the small, medium, and large settings differ by density, letting you choose exactly how much frozen water you desire in your cube type.

Indicator lights within the controls keep you informed on system performance by signaling whenever the water tank or ice bucket is full, the unit is low on water, or if the system malfunctions and requires service.

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