Finding The Right Viking Appliance Accessories For Your Kitchen

Viking parts & accessories let you tailor your range, microwave or other appliance to your cooking style and kitchen décor. Every Viking appliance comes with a choice of accessories, from bamboo covers for rangetops to wok grates and in-line ventilator kits for wall hoods. We feature a wide selection of Viking appliance parts and accessories at low prices.

Viking 10 Inch Backguard
A Viking range installed with a 10″ stainless steel backguard.

A Viking range backguard is a necessary component for any Viking range or rangetop. It shields your adjacent wall from your burners and enhances the overall look of the appliance. Viking stainless steel backguards come in many different sizes to accommodate 24″ to “48” wide ranges and rangetops.

Other Viking range accessories include stainless steel curb base fronts to hide range legs and countertop side trims to fill the gap between the range and countertop. These accessories give your Viking appliances and your kitchen a more polished look. High shelves are an alternative to backguards that give you a shelf for spices and cooking implements.

Viking Recirculating Kit
Accessory recirculating kits can be combined with Viking hoods to eliminate the need for an exterior vent.

Ventilator kits are required in order to use any wall hood product model. Each ventilator kit includes a Viking blower to provider proper ventilation for your range, or cooktop. Ventilator kits are available in exterior, in-line and exterior models to accommodate different hood types. A chimney style island hood and a wall hood may require different types of blowers with varying CFM (Cubic feet per minute) capability. Viking recommends that a blower move one CFM for every 100 BTUs of power produced by a range or rangetop. Viking blowers have a CFM of 300 to 1200, depending on the model. The Viking website has a compatibility chart that matches Viking blower kits with an appropriate wall or chimney hood. An internal blower fits inside the range hood and blows air outside through a duct. External blowers are quieter, but must be located on a roof, exterior wall, or outside the house. They draw air out and work well with larger fans. Viking has a large selection of ventilation kits and blowers to fit all types of kitchen and home layouts.

Viking Built-in Microwave Trim Kit
Pair your microwave with a trim kit for built-in installation.

Add a touch of style to your microwave with a Viking microwave trim kit. Custom trim kits are available for all size microwaves, from 27″ wide to 36″ inch wide. Convection custom and flush trim kits give built-in microwaves a sleek, finished look.

We have an inventory of select current accessory models and lots of discontinued accessory models, so we are a great first place to look for discounted Viking accessories, old and new. If you’re not sure which accessory will fit your Viking appliance (or a prospective Viking purchase), a sales rep will be glad to assist you. Give us a call or visit us online today for more information on Viking appliance parts and accessories.

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