Fisher & Paykel vs. DCS: What’s the Difference?

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As two of the leading high end appliance brands available, Fisher & Paykel and DCS are often compared side by side, trying to figure out which brand better fits the customer’s needs. The decision becomes even more confusing when you realize that DCS’s parent company is Fisher & Paykel. So, what exactly is the difference between Fisher & Paykel and DCS appliances?

Fisher and Paykel Smoothop Induction Cooktop

It boils down to design and philosophy. Both brands offer reliable and cutting-edge appliances, but if you compare a Fisher & Paykel range next to a DCS range, you can instantly see the design differences. Fisher & Paykel is more contemporary, refined and modern, while DCS is more commanding and easily classifies as commercial quality.

Fisher & Paykel was founded in 1934 in New Zealand, and quickly gained a reputation for innovative and visually impressive home appliances. Since its inception, Fisher & Paykel appliances have won multiple design and innovation awards, embracing a design-led approach that emphasizes clean, contemporary, and cutting-edge.

After years of researching consumer’s habits and needs, not only in the kitchen but in life, Fisher & Paykel has embraced the philosophy of “the social kitchen.” The way people interact with each other and food has evolved into unique social driven experiences, so Fisher & Paykel designs and engineers their products to integrate more freely into this new lifestyle. Resulting from that social kitchen philosophy, features and designs of Fisher & Paykel appliances are more progressive, sleek, and sophisticated.

DCS Drop-In Gas Cooktop

Meanwhile, DCS was founded in 1989 and focuses around manufacturing commercial quality appliances which easily shows in the resilient and heavy duty designs. Concentrating on that commercial-quality philosophy and heritage, DCS appliances are highly powerful and impressive machines featuring professional technology and reliable performance.

Placing Fisher & Paykel and DCS side by side means you are ready to invest in a premium performance and stylish design, now it’s just about deciding whether you prefer contemporary and sleek or commanding and confident.

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