Highlights of AGA’s Elise Series Ranges

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Nothing says refined opulence quite like the ornate design of Aga’s Elise Series ranges. Inspired by the luxurious Provençal style, Elise ranges are crafted with elegant details and sophisticated form, instantly transforming your kitchen space into a Parisian bistro getaway.

For the past century, AGA has built a legacy around the AGA cooking experience, engineering sophisticated ranges that do more than just deliver powerful cooking results, but also harness culture, community, and family into one appliance.  With this understanding, AGA created the Elise series, combining opulent design, ingenious versatility, and powerful cooking features.

Cooktop Features

AGA-Elise-Scarlett-RangeAvailable in both dual fuel and induction configurations, the Elise ranges allow you to create culinary masterpieces and comforting dishes at the same time with the 48 inch cook top. The Dual Fuel model has 5 high powered burners; (3) 12,000 BTU, (1) 6,000 BTU, (1) 17,000 BTU. The 17,000 BTU burner in the center is notably larger, creating the perfect designation for large stock pots and woks. Continuous cast iron grates make it easy to quickly remove cookware from one burner to another, and the removable design makes cleanup easy.

The induction cooktop model is made up of durable ceramic glass and 5 burner elements; (3) 7” diameter 1.85kW, (1) 6” 1.4kW, and (1) 10” 2.3kW. This model also includes a power boost feature, adding more power to each zone, and pan recognition sensors that detect pots and pans, shutting off the burners when not in use.

Aga-Elise-Series-Range-OvenOven Features

Both the dual fuel and induction Elise range include 3 separate ovens, making it extremely convenient to cook separate dishes at the same time and be more space and energy efficient. Totaling 6 cubic feet together, the Elise is made up of a multifunction oven, European convection oven, and a Dual-element Glide-Out Broiler System.

The multi-function oven has 7 cooking modes; Defrost, Convection, Convection Broiling & Grilling, Fan Assisted, Conventional, Browning, and Base Heat. Perfect for getting the exact results you want; the multi-function oven is located on the bottom left of your Elise range and totals 2.8 cu. ft.

The European convection oven located on the top right evenly circulates heat around it’s 2.8 cu. ft. oven cavity to cook food through consistently, and the Dual-element Glide-Out Broiler in the top left on the Elise range features a height-adjustable extendable rack, and can be used for a full broil or a half-broil where only the right side of the tray is heated. Included in the body of the range at the bottom right is a push-to-open storage drawer with a rubber mat that protects your cookware.

Exterior Design

AGA-Hi-Fi-ControlsAlthough simple and charming, the Elise range is an elegant and undeniably stunning machine. Sophisticated colored-enamels and brushed chrome accents pair beautifully together to create a contemporary aesthetic that integrates well in any style kitchen. Brushed chrome Hi-Fi style control knobs handle smoothly with stereo-like ease and serve as an eye-catching detail you’re sure to love.

Available in Gloss Black, Matte Black, White, Ivory, Stainless Steel, and Scarlet, the AGA Elise Range is sure to captivate both the eyes and soul of its owner.

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