Highlights of Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series Ranges

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Since its inception in 1909, Bertazzoni has always made it an objective to stay true to their roots and proudly celebrate their Italian heritage. This is clear to see for anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of experiencing its premier technology and authentic Italian style. To truly pay homage to Bertazzoni’s origins though, the company conceived a line of ranges as well as other luxurious kitchen appliances that combined the latest of advanced engineering with an enduring style that remains classic throughout the ages – Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series.

Bertazzoni-signature-matte-colorsTimeless Style and Design

The Heritage Series ranges feature an ornamental design of bright chrome finishes, brushed steel trims, signature matte colors (black, burgundy, and cream), and original solid metal knobs and handles. Behind the charming aesthetic, the Bertazzoni heritage series ranges are equipped with flexible yet high powered cooktops and spacious gas ovens.

Powerful Engineering

The 36” range cooktops have six gas burners, (1) 18,000 BTU dual wok burner, (1) 11,000 BTU rapid burner, (3) 6,500 BTU semi-rapid burners, and (1) 3,400 BTU auxiliary burner. These different powered burners ensure that you can boil a large pot of water and delicately simmer complex sauces all on the same cooktop, as well as easily maneuver vessels to different burners when needed thanks to the continuous cast iron grates. The single gas oven on the 36” range features 4.40 cu. ft. of capacity and is fan assisted for consistent and even results. Oven functions include bottom bake, broiler, defrosting, dehydrate, and gas convection.

The 48” Heritage series ranges employ all the same features as the 36” range but with a few added benefits. On top of the similar rated six gas burners, the 48” range includes a stainless steel electric griddle that is perfect for breakfast foods, toasting heritage-series-kitchensandwiches, and searing meat. The double gas ovens feature one 3.6 cu. ft. main oven and a secondary 2.20 cu. ft. auxiliary oven. Use the auxiliary oven for simple baking while preparing more complicated foods in the main oven, which utilizes the same functions as the 36” range oven.

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