What Makes Luxury High-End Dishwashers Different?


A dishwasher’s job is pretty straightforward, so much so that it’s even in the name – it washes dishes. So, if that’s the case, why are there so many different options ranging from drastically different price points and what makes a high-end dishwasher different from a lower-market one? Think of it in the same terms as when you shop for other commodities, such as cars.

KDTM704ESS_1A car’s job is to get you from point A to point B, but that quality is a given, so what we’re actually shopping and paying for are the qualities and extras that fit your personal style. Features like added conveniences, brand name and reputation, long-term energy and monetary savings, resale value, and style and design. These are the same added features that make luxury high-end dishwashers different than base model dishwashers.

Performance and System

In terms of performance and function, higher-end dishwasher will have a wider selection of cycles and options better suited for different load types such as specialized china/crystal cycles, bakeware, refresh/rinse, and even sanitize cycles. Several premium dishwashers also include a sensor system that measures temperature, soil levels, and load size to optimize the current wash cycle and give you the best results. High-end dishwashers typically have higher place setting capacities, as well as patented filter and spray arm systems designed to provide more thorough results while requiring less maintenance.

Equipment and Features

Most luxury brands, as an industry standard, use stainless steel interiors and tubs, which are more durable, easier to maintain, absorb noise and retain heat better than plastic interiors. Customizability is a huge convenience that allows you to physically miele-dishwasheradjust the racks and equipment to fit even the largest of loads. It’s extremely common to find third racks, foldable tines, and specialty baskets and clips that are height adjustable or removable in luxury dishwashers.

On top of these numerous added conveniences and features, many designer models also include water overflow protection technology and child-safety locks to ensure you never lose peace of mind over your dishwasher. Additionally, you’ll sleep sounder knowing that high-end dishwashers are rated more energy efficient, contributing to a better environment and lower energy bill.

Design and Appearance

Lastly, just like a car, you may find yourself shopping on the higher end of the spectrum because you value brand, reputation, style, and aesthetic. Sleek appearance and design is guaranteed when shopping for premium dishwashers. Whether you prefer fingerprint-resistant and smudge-proof stainless steel or custom integrated front DW80H9970USpanels, you’re sure to find a dishwasher that matches your preferences. You will also find additional design perks such as different handle options, front facing or integrated hidden controls, LCD tap-touch control panels, and even different configurations such as Fisher and Paykel’s dishwasher drawers.

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So now you can ask yourself, are premium high-end dishwashers worth it? With the long list of added benefits and features, we certainly think they are. You can browse and shop a variety of high-end dishwashers over at Elite Appliance, or if you’re looking to take home a premium dishwasher at a premium discount, visit us online to shop discounted high-end brands like Miele, Kitchen-Aid, Viking, and more!

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