Liebherr Refrigerators Take Freshness To A New Level

Liebherr refrigerators, manufactured by the Liebherr Group in Bulle, Switzerland, combine sleek, integrated design with high-tech controls. An excellent choice for consumers who desire ecologically-friendly appliances, Liebherr refrigeration offers energy-efficient design and better temperature control to keep food fresher longer.

Liebherr Refrigerator
Liebherr offers a full line of luxury refrigerators to suit any design vision you have for your kitchen.

Liebherr refrigerators incorporate the company’s patented BioFresh system. It’s designed to preserve vitamins and minerals and lock in freshness. The fresher the food, the healthier it is, so having a refrigerator with separate temperature zones for different types of food makes perfect sense. The DrySafe compartment has minimal humidity for preserving fish, meat and dairy. The high humidity HydroSafe compartment keeps fruits and vegetables fresh much longer than a regular crisper bin. Liebherr’s BioFresh technology ensures that food stays fresh up to three times longer than regular refrigeration. For example, apples stay fresher for 80 days with HydroSafe storage and only 50 days in a standard vegetable crisper, according to Liebherr BioFresh storage chart.

All Liebherr appliances offer attractive, modern European design that integrates perfectly into your kitchen’s décor. Scratch resistant Glassline storage shelves are sturdy and easier to clean than standard refrigerator racks, and they allow light to reflect steadily throughout the refrigerator. Transparent fruit and vegetable bins give you a clear view of leafy greens and other fresh foods.

Liebherr Refrigeration
Liebherr refrigerators come in a variety of sizes from 24 to 60 inches wide.

Liebherr’s VarioSpace removable drawers make it easier to store large items like turkeys or roasts. Refrigerator doors on some models have shelves that can hold gallon bottles, saving space in the main shelving area for food items. FrostSafe freezer drawers keep icy cold air in the freezer section when the door is opened.

Duo-cooling, a benefit of Liebherr combination refrigerator-freezers, consists of two separate cooling circuits that can be individually controlled. The freezer and refrigerator units are tuned to different temperatures for accurate food storage. There’s no overlapping of air (and odor) from one unit to another.

Liebherr Wine Refrigerator
Combine Liebherr built-in units to fit your exact needs in the kitchen.

A Liebherr wine refrigerator offers precise temperature settings to maintain the proper cooling for red and white wines. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fine wine. White wine should be cooled at 46 degrees Fahrenheit, while the optimal temperature for red wine is 64 degrees. If wine is being stored for an extended length of time, 55 degrees is the best temperature for both white and red varieties. Liebherr wine cabinets have electronic controls for ideal cooling control. For short-term storage, Liebherr has 24” and 26” wine refrigerators featuring 2 or 3 different temperature zones. Wine lovers can store red, white or sparkling wine in a different compartment, at an appropriate temperature, for better taste. One temperature zone wine cabinets are available for long-term wine storage.

These appliances are just a few examples of upscale, environmentally-safe, Liebherr refrigeration. We occasionally offer discounted Liebherr refrigerators and other Liebherr appliances at Designer Homes Surplus. Contact us today for details on the latest deals on Liebherr wine cabinets, fridges and freezers.

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