Luxury Designer Ventilation Hoods on Sale

Elica Foglia Wall Hood

Ventilation hoods serve an important function in the kitchen, one of which we don’t quite value until we’re suddenly overwhelmed by smothering smoke and odors. Therefore, we take great care when choosing a premier ventilation hood with an efficient amount of power to keep the cooking space clean and fresh. But let’s be honest, we don’t just want our range hoods to perform beautifully, we also want them to look beautiful.

Cingoli_elenco_0If the rest of the kitchen has been designed with your specific tastes in mind, there’s no reason a ventilation hood should interrupt that flow of design. Instead, find a solution by shopping for luxurious designer hoods such as the stylish models offered by Zephyr, Faber, Elica, Falmec, Windster, and more.

These luxury hoods are designed with artistic style in mind, so that they contribute to the aesthetic of your kitchen style, instead of taking away from it. Top-notch ventilation performance coupled with luxurious touches such as unique fits & finishes, innovative features, accent lighting, and award-winning design are perfectly melded together to create stylish appliances you’ll be dying to show off.

Take the Faber Image Series Island Hood for example. A cylindrical hood derived from lustrous stainless steel with discreet LED touch controls, the Cylindra Isola hood seems more like a stylish accessory than a functional piece of equipment. Don’t be fooled by the elegant exterior though, this hood employs 1100166587_2cutting-edge technology to deliver a powerful performance that never fails. At 600 CFM, the Cylindra Isola rapidly clears the air while the Perimetric Filter System reduces noise for a relatively distraction free environment. Two-level halogen lighting illuminates your workspace and convenient features such as the Delay Auto-Off and the Filter Saturation Alarm help maintain efficiency.

Premium Designer Hoods Available at Designer Home Surplus

The Faber hood is only one example of beautifully designed ventilation hoods available at Designer Home Surplus. Find uniquely designed range hoods as well as traditional pro-style range hoods when you shop our extensive showroom, used, open box, and scratch and dent inventory.

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