Miele Appliances : German Engineering For Your Kitchen

Miele is a German manufacturer of finely crafted kitchen appliances. The company introduced touch-controlled applications for household products to the world market in 1978. Since then, this family-owned manufacturer headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany, has maintained a strong focus on both function and form in the design of its appliances.

Miele Dishwashers
Miele dishwashers clean your dishes with accuracy and efficiency.

Miele dishwashers, the world’s most intelligent dishwashers, have reached another pinnacle with the Futura series. Crafted from the finest materials, Futura dishwashers conform to your kitchen and cleaning needs. All Miele dishwashers come equipped with such innovative features as a Flexicare Deluxe basket. This expandable rack fits extra-large cups, wine glasses and cookware in their own compartments for thorough cleaning. Even your most delicate family china is safe on a Flexicare basket, which can be configured any way to clean different-sized items. Miele dishwashers have a center rack with a 3-D cutlery tray that adapts to fit large utensils. It also expands space for tall stemware in the upper basket. Glass holders on the left and right side of the Flexicare basket are height adjustable and allow for precise cleaning of all glasses, regardless of the size. Miele AutoSensor technology adjusts the cleaning cycle to the speed and duration most appropriate for each load.

Miele refrigeration
The brightly lit interior of a Miele wine refrigeration unit lets see every bottle clearly, making it easy for you to choose the right one to go with any occasion

Each Miele refrigerator is crafted using only the highest-grade materials for a long lifespan, Along with premier German electronics and cooling technology, these refrigerators keep all food types fresh and expertly cooled. Miele’s MasterCool touch control is an intuitive interface that allows the user to store seafood, vegetables, meat and dairy products at the proper temperature. By using the Miele food-oriented menu system, owners can choose one of four temperature zones for each item stored. The ClearView halogen based lighting system keeps every corner of the refrigerator brightly lit and eliminates dark spots and aimless searching for food hidden in the furthermost regions of the fridge. Even Miele specialty refrigeration incorporates these special features. Owners of a Miele wine cellar enjoy state-of-the art performance. The Miele LED lighting system lets guests view your treasured wine collection without affecting the cellar’s interior temperature. When the door is opened, the halogen-based ClearView lighting systems illuminates all bottles flawlessly so you can choose the right one without hesitation.

Miele Ovens
Miele ovens are state of the art! The touch-control system is a must have!

Miele ovens come in many shapes and sizes. Wall ovens, made with CleanTouch steel and designed to occupy center stage in your kitchen. These classic cooking machines are available with a signature handles and flexible options that make the most of your space. With trademarked Navitronics touch-control electronics, Miele wall ovens give cooks precise temperature and time control. Miele wall ovens use a European convection system that allows heat to roam evenly throughout the oven. A heating element placed underneath the oven cavity floor helps with heat distribution and increases available oven space. Miele steam ovens are constructed with an external steam generator that surrounds food on all sides. Unlike slow cooking traditional steam ovens, the fast, Miele steam ovens cook food in no time and seals in vitamins and minerals. Since the generator is outside the oven cavity, it leaves more room for food inside the oven.

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