Why Have Specialty Refrigeration in Your Bathroom

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While the concept of a refrigerator in your bathroom may seem strange, the benefits of one actually make a lot of sense. This isn’t just another luxury trend; having specialty refrigeration easily accessible in a bedroom or bathroom instantly increases the functionality of your home by providing a designated storage area for beverages, medications, and high-end skin care and beauty products.

Perlick Refrigerated Drawers in a Bathroom Setting

Quench Your Thirst Immediately

It’s not uncommon to wake up in the middle of the night and need a drink of water. Instead of shuffling through a dark house as you make your way to the kitchen for a drink, a refrigerator in your bathroom gives you access to chilled bottle water within just a few feet.

Likewise, drinking water as soon as you wake up can have positive effects on your physical health, contributing to increased metabolism, boosting energy and even flushing out toxins.

Cosmetic Refrigeration for Fresher Products

Keeping skin care products in a refrigerator is incredibly common so having a cosmetic refrigerator closer to your bathroom vanity just makes more sense than making the trip to and from your kitchen refrigerator.

Products like moisturizers and toners stay fresher in cooler temperatures and the chilled products can help reduce morning inflammation. The colder climate also reduces bacteria, fungus and harmful exposure to heat or sunlight, which can cause undesirable chemical reactions.

Private Medicinal Storage

Refrigerated Skin Care Products

Keeping medicine in public spaces such as a kitchen refrigerator can be dangerous, especially with young children in the house. Many specialty refrigeration units offer locked models so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

There are some medications that require refrigeration but are often used in a more private setting, such as insulin. Having a refrigerator in your bathroom lets you store, prepare and use the insulin in a private space.

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