Should You Buy a Wine Refrigerator?

U-Line-wine-refrigeratorThere comes a time when wine lovers progress from just an occasional enjoyer of a glass to a more invested collector and dedicated enthusiast. Have you reached that moment? Then yes, a specialized wine refrigerator is a smart purchase to make that will instantly add to your wine enjoyment.

A wine refrigerator is engineered to provide the optimum storage environment to preserve shelf life and encourage natural development. Once you begin to accumulate several bottles you don’t plan on enjoying right away, proper storage becomes crucial, and every aspect of a wine refrigerator, from design to technology, contributes to proper wine storage.

wine-captainWine Temperature and Humidity Controls
Traditional refrigerators house a variety of different food types and temperatures are kept very low. Wine requires higher temperatures for optimum storage, ranging from 45°F to 65°F, with white wines requiring lower temperatures and red wines needing higher. Wine refrigerators have precise temperature controls that allow you to choose the perfect setting, and because the door will not be opened as frequently as a regular refrigerator, temperature variations are minimized.

Many wine cooler models feature separate temperature zones to store a wide variety of wines. Humidity controls are also a feature found in most wine chillers, which contribute to shelf life and the condition of corks to prevent airflow. The rack design also contributes to wine longevity which stores bottle lying down, keeping corks wet which helps to keep them from drying out.

Preventing Agitation
Excessive vibrations can wreak havoc on the development of wine by disturbing sediment and increasing the number of chemical reactions within the bottle. Wine refrigerators use special rubber-mounted compressors to drastically reduce vibrations, effectively keeping your wine undisturbed. Wine can also be agitated by direct sunlight due to UV rays that can accelerate the deterioration process. To combat this, wine refrigerators utilize UV-resistant glass that ensures proper storage while not hindering visibility.

Luxurious Design Befitting Your Wine Collection
integrated-wine-refrigeratorThere’s a great deal of pride that goes into accumulating a wine collection, and a wine refrigerator allows you to display your collection in a vessel as spectacular as your collection. With luxurious touches such as LED accent lighting, high-quality materials, and sleek integrated custom panels, a wine refrigerator serves as the perfect elegant storage solution that guarantees years of memorable wine enjoyment.

U-Line, the first North American appliance manufacturer to develop a residential wine preservation refrigerator, carries an extensive line of U-Line Wine Captain refrigerators which include all the necessary technology and features to properly store wines. For more information on proper wine preservation, find U-Line’s Wine Preservation and Enjoyment guide here.

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