Top 3 Benefits of U-Line’s Modular Refrigeration

Since 1962, U-Line has been developing modular design solutions that offer flexible and functional refrigeration for the residential home. These specialty wine cellars, beverage centers, icemakers, and refrigerators provide perfect preservation capabilities that enhance convenience, design, and storage. These benefits allow the flow of the home and kitchen to run increasingly more efficient.


1) Conveniently Access What You Need Wherever You Need It Most

Declutter your refrigerator and add more storage throughout the kitchen without sacrificing space. Thanks to built-in design, U-Line modular refrigeration can be installed anywhere to best suit your needs.

Keep frequently used ingredients within an arm’s reach in refrigerated drawers under the counter or store kid’s snacks and beverages in a more accessible position in the kitchen, safely away from open burners or boiling pots and pans.

Ice makers, beverage centers, or wine cellars can be installed adjacent to each other to form the perfect bar area or even keep food and beverage items preserved in outdoor refrigeration models to avoid continuous trips inside when cooking outdoors.

2) Luxurious Design That Serves a Functional Purpose

Instantly raise the value of your home in terms of design, function, and with resale in mind. High-quality construction and refined design elements produce beautiful and stylish U-Line appliances that contribute to a sophisticated aesthetic enjoyed by all.

Whether you prefer to show off your modular refrigeration with classic stainless steel panels or would rather integrate them seamlessly with custom panels, it’s guaranteed that the quality and value will stand out.

3) Performance Systems Optimized for Refrigeration Storage

U-Line’s technology and preservation systems are specially developed to provide the right storage conditions for the right product. U-Line wine cellars feature independently controlled temperature zones, vibration-reducing compressors, and UV-resistant glass doors which all contribute to creating the correct micro-climate for wine to remain undisturbed and develop naturally.

Large capacities and customized zone controls in U-Line’s undercounter refrigeration allow you to house a variety of different food items such as dairy, meats, beverages, or produce in their optimal temperature conditions.


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