Top 5 Innovations from Liebherr Refrigeration

There’s no contest to the brilliance of Liebherr’s engineering. Prioritizing intuitive operation, premium design, and reliable performance, Liebherr refrigerators are a high-quality product that are world-renowned and have countless awards to prove it. While every aspect that goes into building a Liebherr appliance includes a cutting-edge innovation, there are a few that shine above the rest:


BioFresh Technology

Refrigerators store a wide variety of grocery items, each contradicting with the next in terms of their optimal storage conditions. Liebherr’s BioFresh technology offers a solution by allowing you to create the optimum storage environment that keeps food fresher longer. By keeping a precise temperature slightly above freezing, food items retain their freshness for up to 3 times longer, preserving natural minerals and vitamins.

BioFresh technology in Liebherr refrigerators also allows the creation of custom micro-climates, providing the optimal humidity levels to keep food preserved. A slider control can regulate a BioFresh compartment from a low-humidity setting to a high-humidity setting. The Hydro-Safe condition uses high humidity levels to circulate moist air, perfect for fruits and vegetables while the Dry-Safe setting is ideal for meat and dairy products.

DuoCooling Dual Refrigeration System

Optimal storage conditions in both the refrigerator and freezer compartment are ensured in Liebherr refrigerators due to their DuoCooling refrigeration system. Separately controlling the two compartments prevents air exchange between the two. With no air exchange, each compartment maintains its set storage conditions, preventing odor transfer and extending shelf life.


SuperCool and SuperFrost Functions

Rapidly chill food and beverages with Liebherr’s SuperCool and Superfrost functions. Activating it will drop the refrigerator temperature down to 36° Fahrenheit and the freezer temperature down as low as -26° Fahrenheit. This feature is perfect for setting right before you go to the grocery store so your items that had already begun to wilt on the car ride back home can become instantly chilled once put away.

SmartSteel Design

Liebherr understands that a premium refrigerator isn’t just an appliance, it’s also a significant contribution to an extraordinary kitchen design. Maintaining a pristine exterior on a Liebherr refrigerator is simple thanks to Liebherr’s SmartSteel finish. All that’s needed is a good wipe down; the scratch resistant finish does the rest.

GlassLine Storage Shelves

Flexible storage options are an important feature in a refrigerator, which is why Liebherr refrigerators feature innovative GlassLine shelves. Their sleek glass design contributes to an elegant aesthetic but don’t let the fragile beauty fool you; these GlassLine shelves are durable, shatter-proof, and scratch resistant. Liebherr GlassLine shelves are also completely adjustable, offering versatile organization options.


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