U-Line Drawer Refrigerator Review : Convenient Storage For Your Food Or Wine

Looking for a compact refrigeration alternative for your kitchen? Big bulky freestanding refrigerators won’t cut it in many homes. That’s why many homeowners choose U-Line refrigerator drawers. These compact refrigerators do a lot more than keep food cold. You can set separate temperature for each drawer in a multi-drawer unit to keep lettuce crisp and ice cream extra-cold until serving time.

The U-Line under counter drawer wine cellar
The U-Line under counter drawer wine cellar can store up to 40 wine bottles and fits into any standard size cabinet cut-out.

U-Line wine drawers are a great way to keep your favorite vintages chilled if you don’t have room for a large wine cellar. The Echelon Series U-2075DWRWCS-00, a 24” under counter drawer wine cellar, holds up to 43 standard size wine bottles. Designed to be built-in to kitchen cabinetry, this Wine Captain unit comes with adjustable legs for more precise installation. With a depth of 23 ¼” without the door, this stylish compact wine cellar fits into any standard size cabinet cut-out. This Wine Captain features two thermopane glass and stainless steel drawers, each with its own TouchSensor digital temperature display. The drawers store 40 wine bottles, and the wine caddy in the bottom drawer holds three bottles of wine. Five cascading wine racks give consumers a clear view of the labels on each wine bottle. Each rack is coated with black vinyl to prevent bottle slippage.

The Wine Captain’s interior lights turn on automatically when either drawer is opened. The consumer can adjust the interior lighting to four other options, including “lights on” even when both drawers are closed. This option can be a plus if you’re entertaining and need to identify wine types quickly. This Echelon Series Wine Captain includes a self-closing door and automatic defrosting.

U-Line compact drawer refrigerator
The U-Line U-2075DWRRS-00 compact drawer refrigerator features a removable crisper shelf, LED temperature display, and durable full-extension drawer slides for easy access to items in the back.

U-Line drawer refrigerators, heralded for their sleek, built-in appearance, also present consumers with many other key benefits. The U-2075DWRRS-00 compact drawer refrigerator is 24” wide with 5.5 cubic feet of storage space. It has two stainless steel drawers, each with an interior light. You can organize your groceries more efficiently with its clear, removable crisper shelf and Slide and Divide Organizer. The top drawer’s see-through organizing bin can hold wine bottles or two-liter soda bottles. The drawer slides from front to rear to allow easy retrieval of items. The LED display is easy to see and can be adjusted to a different temperature for each drawer. The Echelon Slide and Divide U-Line drawer refrigerator comes with durable, full extension drawer slides so you can reach food or bottles stored in the back of drawers easily.

Contact us for more information about discounted Wine Captain and under counter drawer refrigerators from U-Line. We sometimes carry several different U-Line compact refrigerators, from new in box models to used and refurbished ones. We’ll work with you to find a U-Line under counter refrigerator that fits your kitchen layout and your budget.

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