Viking DECU1655BSB Review : 36″ Designer Series Electric Cooktop

The Viking engineers in Greenwood, Mississippi are constantly improving the design and function of their cooktops. They have perfected many glass smoothtop cooktops over the years, including the 36” Designer Series Built-In Electric Smoothtop Cooktops.

Viking DECU1655BSB built-in radiant cooktop
The Viking DECU1655BSB built-in radiant cooktop features 5 burners and a bridge bridge element between burners for large or unusual shaped pans!

The Viking DECU1655BSB built-in radiant cooktop fits into any 36” cooktop cutout. It includes the premium features common in all Viking Designer electric radiant cooktops. Quickcook ribbon surface elements enable full power within 3 seconds of ignition, and the unit features a durable, easy to clean glass ceramic top. Childproof, stainless steel control knobs offer enhanced safety features to prevent accidental ignition.

With five QuickCook burners, this Viking designer cooktop has a different surface wattage and element to fit all your cooking needs. The dual-element right rear burner offers a high-heat 2,200-watt element and a 750-watt element. The right front burner features a 1,500-watt element, while the left front and left rear burners boasts 1,800-watts of cooking power each. The center burner has two elements – one with 2,500-watts for ultimate heating and another with 1,000-watt power. The 800-watt cooktop bridge is another heating element on this Viking electric cooktop. It provides a continuous heating surface between burners so that larger cooking vessels can be accommodated.

Designer Series Built-In Electric Smoothtop Cooktops
Glass cooktops are known for their ability to be cleaned easily and their sleek appearance.

Glass cooktops can be very easy to clean, and there a few simple rules to follow that will help to keep the glass surface free of scratches and smudges. First, make sure you are using appropriate cookware. Stainless steel, copper, or earthenware cooking vessels are recommended for use with this Viking electric cooktop. Cast iron cookware is not recommended, because it’s rough metal surface may scratch the glass cooktop. Most utensils are OK to use, but always be careful to not drag metal utensils across the glass. To prevent unsightly streaks and smears, wipe the cooktop clean with a damp paper towel instead of a sponge. Following these simple pointers can make a big difference in the life of your Viking smoothtop cooktop.

Viking has discontinued this 36" Designer Series Electric Cooktop to make way for their new D3 Series. Designer Home Surplus has several Viking DECU1655BSB Designer Series electric cooktops available at discounted prices. Call us or contact one of our online sales reps for more information today!

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