Viking DETU2605BBK & DETU2004BBK: 36″ & 30″ Smoothtop Electric Cooktops

Viking’s Designer 30″ and 36″ electric radiant cooktops feature elegant styling and quick infrared heat transmission for fast, no-fuss cooking. Viking has discontinued these models, but a limited number are now available at reduced prices from Designer Home Surplus. Home chefs looking for a modern way to cook without relying on bulky ranges will find these easy-to-clean, smooth black cooktops perfect for any standard size counter cutout.

Viking DETU2004BBK Electric Cooktop
Viking DETU2004BBK 30″ smoothtop cooktop.

These discontinued Viking electric cooktops offer several cutting-edge features. The trademarked Viking QuickCook elements help you get a head start on cooking your meals. With fast heating triggered by Viking designed ribbon technology, each burner springs to optimal power in three seconds. Offered as an alternative to large rangetops and freestanding ranges, these Viking electric cooktops are part of the Designer Touch Control Series.

The lightweight Viking 30″ cooktop (DETU2004BBK) has four surface elements on its black smoothtop exterior. The left front and left rear elements power up to 1,800 BTUs: the small center element clocks in at 1,500 BTUs and the right rear triple element has 2,500, 1,600 and 800 watt elements. Get quick cooking power with infrared heating on this Viking smooth cooktop with a glass ceramic surface.

Viking DETU2605BBBK Cooktop
Viking DETU2605BBBK 36″ smoothtop cooktop.

If you need more heating elements to cook more food at the same time, the Viking 36″ cooktop (DETU2605BBK) offers two 1,800 watt elements, a 1,500 watt element, a 2,500 watt element and a center rear triple element consisting of 2,500 watt, 1,600 and 800 watt elements. This resilient cooktop is easy to clean, like its 30″ counterpart. Both cooktops contain a bridge element which connects two heating elements for a continuous cooking surface.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a smooth cooktop, give us a call. We have several discontinued Viking electric radiant cooktops on sale. The sooner you visit us online or in person, the better chance you’ll have of securing a bargain on these time -and space-saving- glass ceramic cooktops.

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