Viking DFB450 Review : Custom Panel Dishwasher with Premium Features

A fully integrated dishwasher fits flush with the cabinetry in your kitchen and blends in with your existing appliances. The Viking DFB450 custom panel dishwasher, a high-performance model that has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer, is available in limited quantities from Designer Home Surplus. The 24” wide dishwasher offers many exclusive, timesaving options for customers. It automatically dispenses detergents and rinse agents, and has five washing cycles, including Econo-Wash, to provide just the right cleaning power for every load.

Viking DFB450 Premium Dishwasher
The Viking DFB450 Premium dishwasher cleans your dishes efficiently and economically.

One of the premium models of Viking dishwashers, the DFB450 includes several precision systems perfected by Viking engineers. The gentle Air-Flo fan drives air around every item in the dishwasher, gently drying each one. The unit’s HydroFlo water heater controls temperature and sanitizes water. The Viking DFB450’s “Quiet Clean” performance is powered by a three-phase motor. This feature, along with extra insulation and cushioned components, ensures that the dishwasher runs as quiet as a whisper. The blue LED light on the kickplate indicates when the dishwasher is operating. Errant food particles won’t interfere with this Viking dishwasher’s cleaning ability – its filtration and waste removal system work overtime to eliminate tiny bits of food and keep dishes clean.

The dishwasher’s “brain” is comprised of a computerized “Central Intelligence” system that regulates temperature and water pressure plus an “Intelli-Wash” feature that customizes water speed, pressure and temperature for each load.

Viking Premium custom panel dishwasher
For a beautifully uniformed touch, try adding a Viking custom panel dishwasher to your kitchen line-up.

The Viking custom panel dishwasher makes it easy to load roasting pans, serving platters, tall glasses and oversized dishes. The trademarked Sturdi-Bilt racks extend to accommodate any size item, while the adjustable side basket stores cutlery and large utensils. The Diamond Brite inner door and stainless steel tank retain a lustrous appearance even after extensive use. The door is ultra-secure, with a safety system including a mechanical latch and electric safety switch. The steel base/pan is enclosed and has a removable front. The dishwasher’s fill and drain system has an overfill sensor and a valve that prevents backflow.

Dishwashers with custom panels make any kitchen look good, and the DFB450 gives customers an optional choice of door panels in 24 finishes. From neutral colors like metallic silver and taupe to racing red, there’s a color to complement every kitchen. You may also supply your own custom panel so that your dishwasher blends seamlessly into your existing cabinetry. Check into other decorative options, like a stainless steel door panel with louvers or a stainless steel handle kit to give your dishwasher a distinctive look.

Even though Viking has discontinued the custom panel DFB450 dishwasher, we still have a number of units in stock at reduced prices. Contact us for more details on this fully integrated Viking dishwasher today.

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