Why Buy a La Cornue Range?

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Food may be a universal passion, but when it comes to exploring traditional and lavishblack-la-cornue-range technique and taste, there’s one culture that exemplifies luxury like no other – the French. It’s because of the French’s dedication to tradition and luxury that makes owning a La Cornue such a unique and rewarding experience.

Who is La Cornue?

For over 100 years, La Cornue has led the industry on innovating French culinary tradition. In Paris 1908, founder Albert Dupuy created the world’s first convection oven by utilizing the city’s emerging gas lines. Since then, La Cornue has been dedicated to creating every individual range as if it was a commissioned piece of art, meant to shine not only as a functional appliance, but as a unique expression of the chef’s creativity, skill, and individuality.

copper-la-cornue-range-houzzFrench-Made Ranges

La Cornue has three different series at different price points –CornuFé, CornuChef, and Château. Each has its unique individual features and designs to appeal to different chefs.

The CornueFé is the most accessible La Cornue range. Boasted as the “valiant and impatient” kitchen range, it’s five professional burners, two electric ovens, and large storage drawer are guaranteed to deliver many dependable years of magnificent yet affordable performance.

The CornueChef is the more contemporary and accessible sibling of the Château. Meant to keep the beloved La Cornue features with urban living accessibility, each CornuChef is individually made to order.

The prestigious Château is the epitome of French culinary expertise and luxurious design. Made only with the finest materials, there are several different models available, and each with an array of different enamel, metal, and trim options. The Château offers extreme professionalism, heritage, and functionality guaranteed to be the focal point of your kitchen design.

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Discounted Affordable La Cornue Ranges

La Cornue ranges are indeed one of the most coveted luxury kitchen brands available, however the high price tag can make many home chefs shy away from purchasing one. At Designer Home Surplus, you can often find at least one La Cornue range in our inventory. Visit our brand page to find discounted La Cornue ranges and many more affordable designer appliance brands.

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