New ASKO Dishwasher & Laundry Inventory At Designer Home Surplus

Ecologically sound ASKO appliances clean dishes and laundry using a tiny percentage of the water and electricity used by standard appliances. Established in 1950, this Swedish company began exporting its line of washers, dryers and other appliances in 1967. ASKO specializes in front-loading washing machines, integrated dishwashers, family size laundry appliances and condenser dryers.

ASKO Dishwashers
ASKO dishwashers are well-known for their performance and reliability.

We have a limited quantity of ASKO dishwashers on sale. Discounted models include the Asko D3232XLCURW, a 24” wide, integrated dishwasher with all the standard ASKO features and plenty of high-tech bells and whistles to clean dishes quietly and efficiently. It has an 18:9 stainless steel tank and a filtration system that’s built to last- no rusting or chipping. The door springs on this unit are designed to last 20 years, and the rest of this ASKO fully-integrated dishwasher has an expected life span of 20 years as well. The galvanized, one piece steel base pan reduces vibrations for whisper-quiet use. Like all ASKO dishwashers, the D3232XLCURW contains 2 pumps and 2 motors instead of the traditional single motor and single pump used on most dishwashers. The extra pump and motor save energy and increase the appliance’s lifespan. The large capacity system holds 12-plus place settings. The Asko D3122XLW, another 24” wide dishwasher is a self-cleaning full console unit with a programmable flexible wash system. Its EasyInstall system lets you line it up flush with cabinetry with a minimum of time and effort. Both of these discounted ASKO dishwashers are available in white and black.

High capacity ASKO Dishwashers
With some of the highest capacities on the market, you can’t go wrong with an ASKO dishwasher.

ASKO family size laundry appliances handle high-capacity loads for large families with the same environmentally-safe, energy-saving features of any ASKO washer or dryer. Family-size washers have a stain program with settings to clean 9 different types of stains and a Super Wash option for heavily soiled fabrics. These features are great for families with rambunctious kids who participate in sports or busy households in general. Even if you don’t have a large family, any ASKO washer and dryer set provides a quieter, energy-conscious brand of clean and more options for precise drying.

ASKO Circle Series Laundry Units
ASKO’s Circle Series laundry units are 24″ wide, allowing them to fit in smaller laundry spaces.

An energy-efficient ASKO condenser dryer is built to last 20 years, just like other ASKO appliances. We have a number of Asko Circle Series T712C condenser dryers in stock and on sale. This discontinued 24” wide dryer has increased airflow design, a double lint filter and an easy to clean fan. Its EasyControl system has three options buttons and an LED display. The SensDry feature provides precise drying, and you can choose from one of six drying options – a 60 minute timed dry, air fluff, delicate, normal, heavy and iron dry.

We have new in box inventory of several discontinued ASKO dishwashers, washers and dryers now available. Contact us for more information on purchasing these ultra-modern household appliances at reduced prices.

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