ASKO XXL Dishwasher Review

ASKO Appliances manufacture high-end residential dishwashers, washers and dryers. Since the company concentrates solely on cleaning appliances, their XXL Series of dishwashers boast high capacity tubs, environmentally friendly features and EasyInstallation design.

ASKO High-Capacity Dishwasher
ASKO XXL dishwashers offer the latest in dishwashing technology.

ASKO debuted in Sweden in 1950, and it’s now an international company with worldwide distribution. ASKO USA began marketing dishwashers and laundry appliances in the United States over 23 years ago. Upscale XXL Series dishwashers are among the company’s most popular appliances.

ASKO XXL dishwashers hold 40% more dishes than your typical residential dishwasher. The exclusive Flexirack system offers fold-down tines, lower rack clearance and removable baskets. Depending on the model, ASKO dishwashers accommodate up to a 4-rack and 7-basket design. Some models have a China Guard, Knife Guard and adjustable stemware shelves.

ASKO Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Finish
Enjoy the luxury of stainless steel and Swedish design with a new Asko XXL dishwasher.

An ASKO stainless steel dishwasher is Energy Star qualified and contains a triple filtration system to ensure that water remains pure. These Touch Proof stainless steel units cut down on fingerprints and are easy to clean – and they blend in with any modern kitchen design. You can also buy a built-in ASKO dishwasher with custom panels if you want a dishwasher to match existing kitchen cabinetry, as well as black or white models. User-friendly Hidden Controls, LCD displays and extra-quiet operation make using ASKO XXL models a breeze.

Wash a simple load in 20 minutes, a daily wash in 1.5 hours. Some ASKO XXL dishwasher models have up to 15 wash cycles to cater to all your cleaning needs. ASKO XXL washing cycles include daily, timed, mixed, Eco and heavy wash. Some models offer a timed wash cycle so you can adjust laundry cycles to your busy schedule. Wash and Rinse temperatures go up to 160 degrees for powerful cleaning.

ASKO Dishwasher Rack
Options are available for your dishwasher racks and baskets, so your dishwasher can suit your kitchen’s needs perfectly.

Eliminate pre-rinsing with ASKO’s SuperCleaningSystem and strategically placed PowerZone cleaning zones for more accurate results. PowerZone offers separate sections for cutlery, plates and cookware, ensuring that every item is thoroughly cleaned.

The ASKO XXL dishwasher model D5894XXL does more than clean dishes – it dries them, too, using two heated fans. One fan draws out moisture, leaving dishes dry without time-consuming hand drying. ASKO’s e exclusive Turbo Drying Express won’t damage our countertop, and it even dries plastic items efficiently.

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