3 Tips for Saving Money on a High-End Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen instantly increases the value of your property and we don’t mean just for real estate purposes. Having a functional outdoor space gives you an additional living area where friends and family can gather, share meals, and create priceless memories. However, building the perfect entertainment oasis to foster those priceless memories must come with a price tag of some kind.

Fortunately, saving money while building your dream outdoor kitchen is absolutely possible. On top of being savvy and doing your research beforehand, here are 3 tips for saving money on a high-end outdoor kitchen:

1. Prepare a Realistic Budget and Goals

Crunching the numbers and reaching a sensible budget is the foundation for the rest of your project. Know exactly how much you’re capable of spending and derive realistic goals from there, accounting for everything from materials to installation.

outdoor-kitchen-2-RGBThis is the time to conjure a vision for what you want your outdoor kitchen to look like. Get a clear picture of what it looks like and what it includes then list out what is a necessity and what can be held off on until a later date.

2. Shop Smartly for Appliances

Before thinking about additional appliances such as side burners or outdoor refrigeration, the main goal should be to secure a great deal on a powerful and reliable grill.

Take advantage of vendor promotions. Even if you’re spending money on a new and expensive grill package, the benefits could be a huge money saver in the long haul. Promotion benefits could include free accessory items, cash back, or extended full coverage warranties, which are well worth it.

Hold off on big ticket items like custom islands and cabinetry – they can always be added on later. A freestanding grill with a cart offers additional storage, prep area, and is portable which means you don’t spend extra money relocating once you do decide to install built-in options.

If a brand-new grill just won’t fit into your budget, shop scratch and dent, discontinued, and open box grills at Designer Home Surplus. These appliances still operate exactly how they should but come at a hefty discount that immediately fattens your bottom line. You can also find other outdoor appliances such as refrigeration, ice makers, ovens, and side burners on sale at Designer Home surplus as well.


3. Get Creative with Décor

Design your outdoor kitchen to fit your personal style by getting creative with your decorative touches. Make good use of outlet and wholesale stores as well as garage sales and auctions to find one-of-a-kind items that will make your outdoor kitchen stand out.

For example, a portable fire pit from your local home goods store can instantly be upgraded by arranging a stone of your choice around it to give it a built-in feel. Salvage décor items such as fountains or interesting art installations and don’t forget about lighting!

Something as simple as maintaining your yard with beautiful plants and flowers easily elevates your outdoor space, and if you want a beautiful centerpiece to tie it all together, save money by building a DIY pergola that’s completely customized with your personal taste.

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