Discontinued DCS Grills on Sale

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Take advantage of newly discounted pricing and create the ultimate outdoor kitchen featuring a powerful DCS grill at the heart of it. Recently discontinued DCS grills are now available at Designer Home Surplus and our team of appliance specialists are dedicated and eager to scout out the best deals possible for you.

While DCS grills are designed for the home, they are engineered with commercial standards in mind. Powerful, precise, and flexible, DCS grills are capable of perfectly searing steaks as well as roasting hams and baking pizzas. The secret lies with ultra-precise stainless steel 25,000 BTU burners. These powerful u-shaped burners produce intense heat ranging from 300° to 1,100° Fahrenheit that offer flexibility to cook a wide variety of meals.

A DCS grill is so versatile that an included griddle plate can even cook pancakes for the family while the grates sear ham and sausages.

Surface cooking on a DCS grill also uses ceramic rods that evenly radiate heat throughout the surface with no cold spots, creating the perfect searing space. A specially designed hybrid infrared burner also contributes to an unforgettable grilling experience. Used by professional chefs, this infrared technology cooks food while retaining natural juices and flavors, resulting in delicious and savory results.

Meanwhile, double-sided grates utilize two different designs to offer the best surface grilling for delicate foods as well as traditional meats. A gentle and rounded edge on one side handles delicate foods such as flaky fish while the other side is w-shaped, making for attractive sear lines. This w-shaped grate also aids the Grease Management System by channeling drippings away from the heat source for less flare-ups and easy cleaning.

DCS grills are also designed for efficient convection cooking. A rotisserie system with heavy-duty motor manages items such as full chickens or hams, and a built-in temperature gauge allows you to keep a close eye on temperature without having to open the hood and compromising convection.

Discounted DCS Grills on Sale at Designer Home Surplus

Unparalleled in grilling performance, DCS grills possess the necessary power and flexibility to be labeled the range of the outdoor kitchen. Shop new-in-box grills as well as other discounted luxury appliances at Designer Home Surplus and should any questions arise, feel free to contact us and speak with an appliance specialist.

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