How to Get Your BBQ Ready for Grilling Season

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Most people consider Memorial Day the official start of summer and wait until then to celebrate with a BBQ. Others start grilling as soon as the weather allows. Whenever you choose to begin your barbecue season, show your grill some love, it deserves it.


Remember how proud you were when you got your high-end grill? It was a beauty! Your grill can look that way again, and grill as if it was brand new too. If you live in the Snow Belt or the South, your grill was covered not only by a barbecue cover, but also a good deal of snow. To make it look brand new, you need to take a few steps to return it to showroom freshness.


1. Hibernation is over, so take the cover off and inspect the grill. Before you do anything, make sure the grill is in full working order, including the absence of furry friends that have used it for a winter nest.

2. Once it passes inspection, it is time to clean it. Napoleon Grills, a maker of high-end grills has a complete supply of cleaning accessories. You can find them here. The first thing is to clean the outside of the grill using a cleaner like Napoleon Grills’ Stainless Steel Cleaner. Make sure to apply and wipe off the stainless steel cleaner using a circular motion and rub with the grain. For enamel grill covers use any high-quality house-hold cleaner. It is a good idea to test your chosen cleanser in small inconspicuous part of the cover to make sure it does not damage the color.

3. Once the outside is clean, move to the interior of the grill. You need a high-quality brush to scrape last years grease and grime from the grilling surface. A good choice is Napoleon Grills’ PRO Grill Scrubber. These brushes have replaceable heads so you can start each grilling season with only a replacement brush head instead of replacing the entire brush.

4. Take the grilling plates out of the inside of the grill and inspect it again tighten all visible screws and replace any that are missing.

5. Fire up the grill and enjoy your first spring BBQ.


Tips on Using Your High-end Grill

  • · Always pre-heat your grill for at least 10 minutes on using medium heat.
  • · Prepare the grill surface using a rag and olive oil or fat you cut from your steak held in a pair of tongs.
  • · Keep your grill clean and scrape off grease and fat buildup in grills and the tray below the grill. Owners of Napoleon Grills can buy disposable drip trays that make clean-up a snap.
  • · Never leave a grill that is lit without an adult present
  • · Keep children and pets at a safe distance
  • · Keep your grill away from the exterior of your house, wooden rails, low overhangs, or other easily combustible objects.


Following these tips ensures you get maximum fun and great tasting food from your BBQ.



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