Lynx 42″ Grill Review: L42PSFR-1 Professional Outdoor BBQ Grill

Lynx Professional Grills specializes in high performance outdoor cooking equipment for residential use. The company’s innovative BBQs and other outdoor appliances bring grilling and outdoor entertaining to a whole new level.

Lynx 42 Inch Freestanding Grill
Limited quantities of Lynx’ 42″ freestanding grill are at sale pricing this December.

One of the flagship products of the Lynx brand, the Lynx 42″ freestanding professional BBQ grill, is now on sale at Designer Home Surplus. This large capacity grill’s 1200 sq in cooking surface provides enough space to prepare steaks, ribs or hamburgers for large dinner parties. With 75,000 BTUs of grilling power, the BBQ’s three burners (including an infrared ProSear burner) can handle a variety of grilling tasks.

The 42″ Lynx freestanding grill sports a heating element above the burner port to ignite burners immediately. Lynx’ unique cast-brass burners distribute heat better than the hollow steel tubes used in the average burner. A ProSear variable technology burner lets cooks switch between high-temp searing for steaks and filet mignon and light searing for shrimp and other seafood. The grill’s heat stabilizer keeps surface heat even, deflecting winds and ensuring proper ventilation for a thoroughly and quickly cooked meal, even in less than ideal weather. The BBQ’s ceramic briquettes sit between the flameand you’re your food, balancing heat distribution for further guarantee of a properly grilled meal.

Lynx Grill LED Knobs
Illuminated knobs and grill lights make grilling easy at any time of day.

Prepare meat, fish or poultry any way you like it with the smoking and rotisserie options on this versatile, heavy-duty BBQ grill. The Lynx 42″ gas grill comes with a removable smoker box that’s perfect for slow-smoking ham, ribs, fish or any other food. The built-in rotisserie has an infrared burner and a three-speed motor for faster, more accurate grilling.

The Lynx L42PSFR-1-LP grill hood is crafted using heli-arch welded construction, which forms one gap-free steel unit. This eliminates seams where grease can collect. The unified stainless steel hood has a classy, seamless look, but can withstand heavy use and bad weather without losing its luster. Lift up the hood with one finger thanks to the Lynx Hood Assist Kit, a flawless design that eliminates screws and sharp edges.

Lynx Grill Brass Burner
Unique cast brass burners distribute heat better than standard tube burners.

Keep track of food progress better, even during night cookouts, with Lynx grill’s exclusive blue LED lights, which illuminate the control knobs. Dual halogen lights brighten the Lynx 42″ grill surface, making it easier to tell whether a steak is medium rare or well done.

We have a limited supply of this Lynx grill on sale for close to 40% off retail price. Contact us today for availability on this innovative Lynx Professional grill.

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