Shop Clearance Premium Gas Grills at Designer Home Surplus

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The outdoor kitchen has never been so popular and it’s no surprise as to why. With an abundance of fresh air, sun rays, and floral aromas, the outdoors is the perfect venue for a gathering of friends and family. That’s why chefs pay extra attention to details and quality when it comes to designing their outdoor kitchen, especially when choosing the center piece of it all: the perfect premium gas grill.

Coyote-premium-grillIt’s no surprise that high quality retails at high prices, which is why savvy shoppers know to shop for clearance premium gas grills at Designer Home Surplus. Browse and shop a multitude of high-end brands like Alfresco, Coyote, Artisan, and Viking at affordable discounted prices!

Luxury premium barbecue grills are heavily sought after by home owners and grill-lovers on account of their unmatched high-power burners, visionary searing and smoking technology, as well as regal and tenacious design that always looks striking. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel with stylish accent lighting, high-end grills come in either built-in or freestanding configurations to seamlessly Viking_Montana_Outdoor_Kitchenfit in with your outdoor kitchen design. Premium features utilized by many brands are integrated smokers, built-in rotisseries with motors, halogen lighting, side burners, and refrigerated bases – everything a cook needs to prepare a full course meal without having to step foot inside the house.

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