Shop for Discount Alfresco Grills at Designer Home Surplus


Is there even such a thing as being too cold outside for a grill-lover? Rain or shine, hot or cold, there is no better way to prepare a tender juicy steak than on the grill. A subculture as tight-knit as Harley Davidson owners, grill lovers know exactly what they like and how to get it.

alfresco-ALX2-56SZCThat’s why whenever it’s time to upgrade to a luxury outdoor grill without breaking the bank, Designer Home Surplus should be your first stop! Find an entire assortment of grills, carts, and other accessories at discounted prices.

Alfresco is more than just enjoying the feeling of the open air around you. As a top luxury grilling brand, Alfresco sets the standard for other outdoor cooking products. Their restaurant inspired appliances are used by famous chefs all over the world, from Emeril Lagasse to Jean George.

Made from the highest-grade stainless steel, high temperature burners, integrated rotisseries, built-in motors, high intensity halogen lighting, user-friendly controls and many other exquisite features, Alfresco Grills and accessories have everything a grill lover could ever need.

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Happy grilling!

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