Tasty New Cuisines to Try in 2017

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Food is an integral part of our everyday lives – we need it for nourishment, we take time out of our busy work days for it, we converse and entertain with it, and most of the time, we just love to experience the flavors and variety of it.

While there’s a limitless number of cultural cuisines to try from all over the world, here are three delicious cuisines to try – if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so already.


Ukrainian cuisine, like many others, has origins from different neighboring countries such as Poland, and Russia. However, overtime the unique flavors and methods of preparation became a staple of Ukrainian cuisine.

Traditional foods include varenyky (commonly known as pierogi), borshch (a beetroot soup), and paska (a sweet egg bread typically served on Easter).

Varenyky with Potatoes and Cheese

Recipe by Natasha’s Kitchen




A fusion of different elements such as European and Middle Eastern, Tunisian food incorporates olive oil and spices as well as a large variety of seafood to deliver a melting pot of flavor.

Traditional foods include couscous (steamed balls of semolina), harissa (spicy and aromatic condiment), ojja (spicy stew).

Harissa (Tunisian Chile Paste)

Recipe by daringgourmet.com



Machu Picchu isn’t the only thing sure to delight in Peru. Because of the varied different geographic regions of the coast, highlands, and the jungle, the Peruvian cuisine is extremely varied in flavors that take full advantage of the natural resources.

Traditional foods include ceviche (citrus cooked fish), pollo a la brasa (classic Peruvian rotisserie chicken), and causa (seasoned mashed potatoes with stuffing of choice).

Yuca Causa with Chipotle – Tuna Salad

Recipe by perudelights.com




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