A High-End Viking Refrigerator For Less Than Comparable LG & Samsung Models?

Viking French Door Refrigerator

Viking is one of the most sought-after brands in the luxury kitchen appliance market. The top-of-the-line brand exudes sophistication, refinement, and class. When you compare 4 door French door refrigerators, you might expect any Viking model to rank highest for price, but right now a Viking French door refrigerator is available for less than competing models from LG, KitchenAid, and Samsung.

Having recently undergone a change in management, Viking is making a few alterations to its product offerings, including discontinuing the D3 Series. As such, Designer Home Surplus has Viking D3 French door refrigerators available at an unprecedented price.

Despite the fact that it is discontinued, the Viking D3 series French door refrigerator is certainly in the running as one of the best French door refrigerators on the market.

Viking French Door Refrigerator In Kitchen
Viking’s 4-door French-door refrigerator was released as part of the D3 Series, but discontinued shortly after when new management decided to shift the focus away from the D3 Series.

The 36-inch refrigerator features 18.4 cubic feet of refrigerator space and 6.6 cubic feet of freezer space for a total of 25 cubic feet of storage.

Not only does the refrigerator have a large capacity for its size, but it also has a convenient layout with five spill-proof shelves, four of which are adjustable, and six door bins, two of which accommodate gallon containers.

The refrigerator also features separate storage for meat and produce, allowing you to customize temperature and humidity for prolonged freshness. The ColdZone drawer has its own temperature setting, separate from the rest of the refrigerator to keep meat fresh, and the HumidityZone drawer offers adjustable moisture settings so you can store your produce at a higher humidity so it maintains its freshness and flavor as long as possible.

Viking French Door Refrigerator Drawers
The middle drawer and freezer drawer offer unique features to help keep your refrigerator organized.

The in-door dispenser delivers filtered water and crushed or cubed ice, and a filter indicator alerts you when the filter need to be changed, so you always have clean, clear drinking water.

Viking’s D3 refrigerator also alerts you when the refrigerator or freezer door is left open more than five minutes, so you’ll always know the door is sealed shut, keeping your food cool and your refrigerator running efficiently. Furthermore, the refrigerator is Energy Star rated, giving you peace of mind that your refrigerator isn’t running up your power bill or unnecessarily draining natural resources.

This Viking refrigerator on sale here at Designer Home Surplus still comes with Viking’s factory warranty, and all of our inventory is new and still in the box. Now is the ideal time to snatch up a coveted Viking refrigerator.

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