An Overview of Jenn-Air JX3 Downdraft Cooktops


Jenn-Air’s first claim to fame was their ingenious development of the downdraft cooktop in 1961. Pairing together sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, Jenn-Air’s JX3 downdraft ventilation system revolutionized kitchen design and culinary performance by providing a sleek and functional alternative to conspicuous ventilation hoods. Now Jenn-Air is world renowned for engineering luxurious high-end appliances, ranging in everything from coffee machines to outdoor grills, but Jenn’s Air’s downdraft cooktops remain supreme as customer favorites.

Jenn-Air Electric Downdraft Cooktops

Jenn-Air-Electric-CooktopJenn-Air downdraft cooktops come in 30 and 36 inch sizes, Euro-Style Stainless and Black finishes, as well as Electric and Gas fuel configurations. The electric downdraft cooktops feature fast heating radiant elements on glass ceramic surfaces. These multi-tiered elements offer incredible flexibility and accommodate various sized cookware for efficient cooking performance.

Feel safe knowing you or anyone in your house will never accidentally touch a burning hot surface because along with hot surface indicator lights, the surface area on an operating element will glow red while in use, and the indicator lights will continue to glow until the surface has completely cooled. The Dura-Finish Glass Protection keeps your ceramic glass cooktop looking like new by resisting scratching, even after a thorough cleaning, and glass touch electronic controls as well as die-cast color-coordinating control knobs allow you to easily regulate your Jenn-Air cooktop.

Jenn-Air Gas Downdraft Cooktops

Jenn-Air-Gas-CooktopThe gas downdraft cooktops feature elegant brass burners with removable bases and Flame-Sensing Reignition, which automatically sparks and re-ignites the burner in case of an extinguished flame. Ultra-low and ultra-high output burners deliver constant even heat suitable for simmering the most delicate of sauces or searing the thickest of cuts, and the DuraFinish protection shields your pristine cooktop from scratching, yellowing, and staining over time.

JX3 Downdraft Ventilation System

As sophisticated as the culinary technology on these Jenn-Air cooktops are, the real reason they are considered industry leaders is because of the legendary JX3 Downdraft Ventilation System. Using proximity ventilation and powerful 3 speed fans, the JX3 system pulls odors, smoke, and other fumes out of the air before they have a chance to escape into the kitchen. This downdraft system replaces the need for clunky wall or ceiling mounted hoods and look especially stunning in open plan kitchens with uninterrupted sightlines.

Jenn-Air-Cooktop-ControlsCleanup and maintenance of the JX3 downdraft system is easy thanks to the dishwasher safe air grills and shorter plenums, but even more impressive is the duct-free conversion option which allows for optimum venting performance even in areas where traditional exterior venting isn’t possible.

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