Asko D5110XXLW : Built-In Dishwasher Review

The U.S. division of ASKO, a Scandinavian manufacturer of dishwashers and laundry appliances, has marketed washers, dryers and built-in dishwashers to North American consumers since 1990. ASKO products are known for their award winning Swedish design and eco-friendly features. We have several ASKO dishwashers for sale, including discontinued models like the ASKO D5110XXLW built-in dishwasher.

ASKO XXL Built-in Dishwasher in White
ASKO’s built-in D5110XXL dishwasher in white.

This ASKO XXL dishwasher features ASKO’s exclusive tall tank design, to give you more space and cleaning power for your money. During our ASKO dishwasher sale, you can purchase this discontinued 24″ wide, built-in dishwasher at a bargain price. We have the ASKO D5110XXL dishwasher in white or black finish. It comes with a balanced door and galvanized steel base pan. With its clean, unobtrusive design, this ASKO dishwasher model blends in with most modern kitchen layouts.

You can clean all your dishes, glasses and cookware thoroughly with this ASKO tall tank dishwasher. It features four program selections – Heavy Wash, Normal Wash, Quick Wash and Rinse and Hold. Use Heavy Wash for soiled saucepans, roasting pans and cookware with baked-on stains. Normal Wash cleans everyday items like plates, bowls, glasses and cups, while Quick Wash is perfect for coffee cups and saucers and items used for light meals or snacks. Rinse and Hold lightly rinses dishes while you fill the dishwasher.

ASKO D5110XXLW Built-in to Cabinet
Front mounted controls give you easy access to all wash options.

The upper basket features a cup rack, wine glass shelf and a cutlery basket with a folding handle and door.

The dishwasher’s lower basket has no separate compartments, so you can fill it with large dishes, pots or pans. The dishwasher’s lower rack has a 13 ¾” clearance.

The ASKO PowerZone feature provides the proper amount of water pressure and scrubbing strength to clean pots and pans and a gentler spray of water and detergent for cutlery. The 7 Spray Wash System ensures that all dishes, cutlery and cookware in this tall tub dishwasher are meticulously cleaned.

ASKO Dishwasher Spray System
The seven spray PowerZone wash system ensures that all dishes are given ample attention.

The durable stainless steel tank and PEX water line are built to provide many years of uninterrupted service (the water line is rated to last 90 years.) This ultra-quiet dishwasher has a 49 dBA noise rating, so it won’t disturb family members with rinsing and rattling noises even if you run it late at night. The ASKO D5110XXLW dishwasher’s detergent dispenser has separate compartments for pre-wash detergent and main wash detergent. There’s also a rinse aid refill indicator.

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