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Jenn-Air opened its doors 1947 as a manufacturer of industrial fans. Since then, the company has grown into one of the best-known names in the luxury appliance market. Jenn-Air introduced the first downdraft range with a built-in ventilation system in 1961. Now, in 2012, Jenn-Air offers many slide-in and freestanding ranges in a variety of attractive designs. Available with electric, natural gas and liquid propane/gas power sources, Jenn-Air ranges offer home chefs many ways to upgrade their cooking experience. Jenn-Air wall ovens are available in single, double, or microwave/wall oven units. Jenn-Air ranges and wall ovens may feature the brand’s 2-Speed Multimode Convection System or their V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System.

Jenn-Air appliances
Jenn-Air appliances are known for their professional power and sleek design.

Jenn-Air Euro-Style appliances combine classic workmanship and modern elegance. The simple design provides a classy but neutral ambiance, with curved stainless steel door handles and embossed lettering.

Jenn-Air’s oiled bronze appliance line is an innovative blend of rich auburn cabinetry with a metallic base. If you want appliances that merge with your cabinets and existing woodwork, oiled bronze ranges, wall ovens and refrigerators will complement your kitchen’s design. Jenn-Air’s oiled bronze design features burnished auburn handles and a decorative badge with metallic lettering on every appliance.

Jenn-Air Pro-Style appliances integrate into any kitchen with their sleek, stainless steel looks. Oversized knobs and stainless steel handles etched with diamond design give these appliances an elegance that integrates well with any kitchen layout. With features reminiscent of a restaurant-style ranges, cooktops and refrigerators, Jenn-Air Pro-Style appliances have the sophisticated look guests admire and the precise cooking features a home gourmet appreciates.

Jenn-Air style varieties
Available in a variety of styles (including oiled bronze), Jenn-Air appliances are the perfect fit for the modern kitchen.

Last, but not least, Jenn-Air’s floating glass kitchen appliances have a streamlined black or white exterior with matching white or black glass panels that appear to float in place. Each appliance has a curved, color-coordinated handle and an embossed badge. Most Jenn-Air appliances are offered in the floating glass design.

For residential cooks who don’t need-or want – a large freestanding range, Jenn-Air has many cooktop options. A Jenn-Air downdraft cooktop boasts industry-topping, high-performance ventilation. The trademarked JX3 downdraft ventilation system has a three-speed fan, and you can convert it to duct-free ventilation. Available in gas or electric radiant models, downdraft cooktop sizes range from 20” wide to 46” wide to fit the countertop configuration that’s best for your needs.

There are also many different Jenn-Air refrigerator styles to choose from, and all of them look and perform equally well in your kitchen. From French door models that keep food stored at eye-level to side-by-side refrigerators with ice dispensers, there’s something to fit every lifestyle. Built-in, undercounter and freestanding Jenn-Air fridges are available in Pro-Style stainless and Euro-Style stainless designs. Built-in refrigerators measuring 42” or 48” wide and 72” wide are available in oiled bronze. Floating glass refrigerators are available in both built-in and freestanding models.

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