Buying Floor Model Appliances : Tips For Smarter Appliance Shopping

Buying demo model appliances can offer you all the style and features of an upscale kitchen appliance and save you money. When a manufacturer releases new appliance models, dealers typically replace older showroom appliances with the newer models. These showroom-used units are often sold to the public, allowing you to get luxury appliances at a fraction of the original cost.

Showroom Cooktop and Oven Models
Floor model units in appliance showrooms are often sold to the public when new models are released.

A showroom used appliance may be lightly used to demonstrate product features to customers. In some cases, it’s not used at all and is simply on the showroom floor to give people an idea of what the appliance will look like once they get it home and out of the box. Photos and videos can give customers an idea of what an appliance looks like, but customers in a showroom want the option of seeing appliances close up, opening and closing the doors, touching the grates on a stovetop to see how sturdy they are, etc. and showroom model appliances fulfill this need.

Capital Range Display Model
Floor model appliances like this Capital range can save you money and help stay within your remodel budget.

If you like the idea of saving money on a showroom appliance, but wonder if it will work as well as a new in box model, you have the chance to speak with a salesperson about the condition of the appliance before buying it. Viewing all available images of the appliance before you purchase is also a good way to ensure that you know what you are getting. If you happen to live in the same city that you are purchasing from, you can even visit the showroom and see the product in person.

At Designer Home Surplus, we specialize in discounted floor model appliances. These slightly damaged appliances have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and tested by a certified appliance technician. Most damage to showroom models is superficial (like small dents in a range’s back panel, for example) and can be hidden once the appliance is installed.

A Shot of our Showroom Models
Designer Home Surplus’ inventory of floor model and scratch & dent appliances.

Designer Home Surplus receives new loads of showroom appliances for sale on a regular basis. You can choose from top brand name floor model refrigerators, cooktops, ranges, dishwashers, freezers and other types of appliances at a deep discount. Our inventory changes daily, so don’t hesitate if you see an appliance that interests you.

Before purchasing any of our floor model appliances for sale, read all the details of the appliance condition on our website or ask your salesperson for information. Many floor models still retain the manufacturer’s warranties, but you can always confirm the warranty status with your salesperson before buying. If the warranty has expired, DHS offers third-party warranties to help ensure that any unnoticed issues with the appliance are covered.

Shop floor model appliances at Designer Home Surplus.

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