Discounted Lynx Grills Now Available At Designer Home Surplus

Lynx Professional Outdoor Grills offers sleek looks and pioneering features on all their BBQs. The outdoor brand is renowned for their variable ProSear infrared burners, polished, seamless hood construction and other innovations that make grilling easier. Several Lynx outdoor grill models have recently been discontinued by the manufacturer, creating the opportunity for heavily discounted prices on remaining inventory of these units.

Lynx Professional Outdoor Grill Cast Brass Burner
Lynx Professional Outdoor Grills feature brass burners that resist corrosion and retain higher temperatures.

Lynx barbecue grills feature cast brass burners instead of tubular steel like other brands. Brass burners resist corrosion longer and prevent sudden winds from extinguishing flames. They are able to retain higher temperatures than steel burners and heat food at a faster rate. The heat stabilizer system on Lynx BBQ grills repels strong winds and lets the grill vent normally. This keeps surface cooking temperatures steady when grilling with the lid closed. All Lynx grill hoods are constructed using seamless Heli-Arc wielding. This eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners and instead forms an integrated steel unit. The uniform steel construction prevents grease and moisture from collecting in the small gaps that are common on grills built with fasteners.

36 inch Lynx Professional Freestanding Grill
The 36″ Lynx Professional freestanding Grill comes in both a natural gas, and propane versions.

Designer Home Surplus is proud to offer savings on some of the best BBQ grills in the Lynx catalog. The Lynx L36PSFR-1 (NG or LP) 36” inch freestanding grill cooks main dishes, meats and sides thoroughly on 955 square inches of cooking space. It includes a rotisserie system to prepare whole chickens or turkeys. This stainless steel grill cooks with a total of 75,000 BTUs of heating power, offered through two cast brass burners and a ProSear burner.

The Lynx L42PSFR-1 (NG or LP) 42” freestanding grill has a total cooking surface of 1,200 square inches, enough to prepare a feast for a large gathering. It features a rotisserie system with one ProSear infrared burner. Along with two cast brass burners, this adds up to 75,000 BTUs of power. The larger 54” wide version, the Lynx L54PSFR-1 (NG or LP), offers 1,555 square inches of cooking space. One ProSear burner and three cast iron burners emit 100,000 total BTUs for the ultimate grilling experience.

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen
Lynx has an entire line of luxury outdoor appliances to complete any outdoor kitchen.

Like other Lynx gas grills, these freestanding BBQs offer blue LED lights that illuminate the control knobs in style. Dual-halogen lights illuminate the grill surface, so cooking in low light is not an issue. A heating element placed above the burner allows for quick ignition. That means no more fumbling around to get the grill fired up!

All of the above-featured models are available with either a natural gas or liquid propane fuel source. A large removable smoker box and grill cart are also included with all freestanding models. We have several Lynx freestanding BBQ grills with carts at heavily discounted prices. Contact us for price and availability today.

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