Lynx Grill Sale: BBQ Grills From The Most Trusted Name In Grilling

Lynx Professional Series Outdoor Kitchen
Lynx Professional grills & outdoor kitchen suite are considered my most to be the best premium outdoor cooking equipment available to homeowners.

Lynx Professional grills were first manufactured in 1996. Founded by a group of restaurant industry professionals who had manufactured BECA stainless steel products for commercial kitchens, Lynx took advantage of the burgeoning market for luxury outdoor appliances. Applying the same high standards used in manufacturing commercial restaurant products, the new company introduced their brand of luxury outdoor grills to the residential market. Lynx BBQs are now available in freestanding and built-in models in several different sizes. Whether you are cooking for your family or entertaining outdoors for a special event, Lynx has a grill to barbecue all the steaks, chicken and other foods for your hungry guests. Lynx grills have features like removable smoker boxes, temperature gauges and stainless steel grill grates, all designed to make outdoor grilling as precise as indoor cooking. Grill sizes range from 27 inches wide (with a 685 square inch cooking surface) to 54 inches wide (with a 1555-sq.-inch cooking surface). Some models include a rotisserie.

The cast brass burners in a Lynx grill resist corrosion and retain heat better than the typical steel burners.

Constructed by craftsmen dedicated to building superior quality appliances, Lynx outdoor grills offer many innovations. No mechanical fasteners are used in the building of Lynx grill enclosures. Lynx grills are built using the Heli-arc welding method, which forms the grill body into one seamless, gap-free piece of steel. Not only will this look better on your patio, it eliminates tiny pockets that allow grease to collect.

Lynx gas grills use cast brass burners instead of hollow steel burners favored by most other grill manufacturers. Brass won’t corrode as easily as steel, and they retain a higher temperature than other burners. This makes it harder for a passing breeze to cool down a BBQ in progress. The heat stabilizer at the grilling surface also prevents high winds from interfering with outdoor cooking. The variable ProSear burners on Lynx grills allow cooks more flexibility when adjusting cooking temperatures. The Lynx hot surface ignition system lights the burner quickly via a heat element positioned right under the burner port.

Details like illuminated knobs and a seamless enclosure make Lynx BBQ grills stand out amongst the competition.

Lynx’s signature blue LED lights illuminate the control knobs on all Lynx BBQ grills. Internal halogen bulbs light up the cooking surface, making it easier to see food grilling during nighttime cookouts.

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