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With a cooking style and design reminiscent of its place of birth, Bertazzoni appliances pay homage to its humble Italian roots with every appliance that comes off the production line. Engineered to be high-quality, professional, and beautiful machines, Bertazzoni has become a leading international brand for luxury appliances with series that appeal to everything from the warm traditional style to a sleek contemporary style.

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Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series Photo from Houzz

Bertazzoni began in Italy in the early 1900’s mass producing wood stoves and selling them across the country. As manufacturing processes improved, Bertazzoni followed suit and adapted the assembly line made popular by car factories.

Bertazzoni’s Professional Series Photo from Houzz

In North America today, there are 4 Bertazzoni appliance series fit to match different design styles. Bertazzoni’s Heritage series has a classic appeal to the time-honored traditional kitchens. Designed with original handles and knobs with Bertazzoni’s signature matte colors, the Heritage series is a magnificent tribute to the first wood-burning stoves Bertazzoni ever created.

For a contemporary but personable style, Bertazzoni’s Professional series features distinctive elements such as metal coated knobs, ergonomic handles, and a selection of Bertazzoni’s vibrant colors. The Professional series demands to be the center of attention, regardless if it’s a stainless-steel package or a vibrant yellow centerpiece.

The Master series offers commercial masterpieces, practical and powerful, just waiting to be fired up. Reminiscent of the commercial appliances in fine-dining restaurants, the Master series is engineered for supreme performance and professional design.

Bertazzoni’s Master Series Photo from Houzz

Bertazonni’s Design series is the cross-roads between high-fashion and high-quality cooking. Originating from designer Stefano Giovannoni in his Milan design studios, the Design series is a coordinated contemporary style, guaranteed to shine.

Bertazzoni’s Design Series

Each series produces a variety of appliances from ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, dishwashers, and ventilation hoods that match their distinctive style. Find the Bertazzoni appliance that best suits you by pairing your unique love of cooking with your unique style.

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