Ultra-Premium Viking Brigade Ranges On Sale Now

Having designed the ultra-premium line of cooking ranges for the home chef who wanted a truly professional experience in the home kitchen, Viking was ready to release the Viking Brigade range early this year.

Viking Brigade Series Ranges on Sale
Shop Viking Brigade ultra-premium ranges while quantities last.

The luxury appliance market was excited to bring this new product to its customers. However, when Viking was purchased by Middleby Corp. a few months ago, new management decided to discontinue the ultra-premium range series.

Viking Brigade Series Range with Open Oven and Pull-out Rack
The Viking Brigade Series 36″ gas range.

The decision was made after several 36″ Viking Brigade ranges had made their way through the production process. Designer Home Surplus jumped at a rare opportunity and acquired most of the inventory of the luxury range, believing there is a market for this unique high-end gas range with commercial capabilities.

These 36″ ranges are now available at a significant discount at Designer Home Surplus. The Viking Brigade ranges are a true work of art in the pro-style range category.

Viking Brigade ranges feature versatile and powerful burners that allow for a slow simmer up to a high searing. The three front burners on each range reach up to 23,000 BTUs of power – the highest available in the residential cooking market. Heavy, ultra-durable cast iron burner grates also add to the professional quality of these ranges. As with all Viking cooking surfaces, the SureSpark ignition system ensures burners light easily and reignite whenever the flame unintentionally flickers out.

Top View of Viking Brigade Series Range Stovetop
The front three burners on each Viking Brigade range reach up to 23,000 BTUs of cooking power.

The ovens on the Viking Brigade range have an expanded 5.8 cubic feet of baking capacity. A bake burner heats up to 30,000 BTUs inside, and the GourmetGlo infrared broiler heats up to 1,500°F. The ProFlow convection air baffle provides a steady, even heat for those more delicate baked items such as breads or cakes. Additionally, for a more commercial look, the oven cavity is made entirely from stainless steel.

As any cooking enthusiast knows, Viking is a leader among high-end range brands. The Viking Brigade range is a reflection of this quality. The buzz is developing fast for these ultra-premium ranges, and we encourage customers to act fast because the inventory is very limited.

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