Top 5 Innovations from Liebherr Refrigeration

There’s no contest to the brilliance of Liebherr’s engineering. Prioritizing intuitive operation, premium design, and reliable performance, Liebherr refrigerators are a high-quality product that are world-renowned and have countless awards to prove it. While every aspect that goes into building … Continued

Liebherr Floor Model Refrigerators With Full Manufacturer’s Warranty

Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are produced by the Liebherr Group, a company headquartered in Bulle, Switzerland. An appliance industry leader in green initiatives, Liebherr uses only purified water in its factories. Liebherr’s freestanding 36″ french-door refrigerator in stainless steel. The … Continued

Deals Worth Loving In Designer Home Surplus’ Valentines Day Appliance Sale

Chocolates and flowers aren’t the only presents suitable for Valentine’s Day. If you (or your sweetheart) love to cook, we have ranges, cooktops, wall ovens and microwaves on sale. This Valentine’s Day, DHS has hundreds of upscale kitchen appliances available … Continued

Liebherr Refrigerators Take Freshness To A New Level

Liebherr refrigerators, manufactured by the Liebherr Group in Bulle, Switzerland, combine sleek, integrated design with high-tech controls. An excellent choice for consumers who desire ecologically-friendly appliances, Liebherr refrigeration offers energy-efficient design and better temperature control to keep food fresher longer. … Continued

Built-in Refrigerators vs. Freestanding refrigerators: What to Consider When Purchasing

Your refrigerator is central to your kitchen, and it is wise to research and plan before deciding what type of refrigeration to buy for your home. Recent innovations from Viking, Thermador, Northland and other manufacturers have fine-tuned how food is … Continued

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